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  • Judie Brown shows examples of a “dysfunctional America” which glorifies “convenience, self-gratification, and tolerance” through an onslaught of messages which, at one time, would have shocked the human conscience.

    Case in point: a Facebook meme created by the Care2 organization which attempts to denigrate the pro-life positions on contraception and rape (pictured left). Brown refers us to pro-life blogger Mindy Goorchenko, who says the meme would be accurate if the child were the one portrayed as the flotation device:

    Abortion is actually like falling into the water with an innocent child and using him as a flotation device. He dies, while you manage to climb back on shore and dry off.

    You do this even while there is a dock just a few feet away which can provide safe harbor until you are able to not only ensure the child’s survival but your own.

    Rather than teaching people how to jump with both feet into the treacherous waters as adolescents, along with the often ineffectual life jackets that are notoriously misused by children and adults, we should teach them to avoid the rapids until they are able to swim more effectively, and preferably with a buddy.

    A committed buddy, who would sacrifice their own life for yours.

  • Big Blue Wave highlights an article on the refusal of the staff and physicians at New Zealand’s Southland Hospital to perform abortions. Rather than stay out the abortion biz, however, the Southern District Health Board has decided to bring an abortionist in from out of town one day each week (“at great expense”) to do abortions.

  • The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition applauds Calgary Herald columnist and editor Licia Corbella’s excellent article on the slippery slope of euthanasia in the Netherlands, which was originally supposed to be available only, as Corbella puts it, “to terminally ill, elderly people, who were suffering and in full control of their mental faculties. Period.” But things haven’t gone quite that way. Corbella writes:

    Earlier this week, the annual report cataloguing euthanasia deaths in Holland for 2011 was released. And it’s rollicking good news for euthanasia pushers — deaths are way up! Last year, 3,695 Dutch citizens opted to end their lives early with the help and the blessing of a physician and the state. That’s an 18 per cent increase over 2010 and more than a doubling since 2006. If that were a company’s bottom line, its CEO would be on the cover of every business magazine in the world.

    While a significant spike in the number of people deciding to check out of life is not proof of a slippery slope, it is proof that the idea of doctors killing their patients is gaining wider acceptance….

    Remember, in Holland, the initial plan was to make euthanasia available only to suffering elderly people who had total control of their mental faculties. Now schizophrenics and clinically depressed psychiatric patients are being given prescriptions by their psychiatrists, not to help them get better, but to kill them. That, folks, isn’t just a slippery slope, it’s Mount Everest in an ice storm!

  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life links to a National Catholic Register article about Abby Johnson’s new ministry to help abortion workers seeking to leave the industry:

    “Former abortion workers have seen and heard and experienced things that people cannot imagine,” explained Johnson. “Our first goal is to provide stability, so they can get out of where they’re working and have families that are healthy and happy. Our second goal is recovery, so that they feel mentally and physically healthy.”

    In addition, the organization offers spiritual healing and legal assistance.

    Abby intends to accept a limited number of free speaking engagements (love offering only) for this new ministry.

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