Crossing the border – both ways – for clandestine abortions

Women who live in parts of Mexico where abortion is illegal have long crossed the U.S.-Mexican border to obtain abortions in U.S. border cities like San Diego, but those numbers might be declining thanks to draconian border security and other changes, [according to] a new study….

But though it may not be surprising to many that Mexican women seek higher-quality health care in the U.S., other reports show that some American women who don’t have access to abortion services at home are crossing into Mexico. New America Media, for instance, reported in August that Texas women crossed the border to obtain the abortion drug misoprostol from largely unregulated pharmacies in Mexico.

~ The Raw Story, November 8

[Photo (click to enlarge), via The Texas Tribune, is of a pharmacy employee in Nuevo Progreso, Tamaulipas, in Mexico, holding a box of misoprostol, aka Cytotec, a medication intended to treat ulcers but used off-label to induce abortions]

7 thoughts on “Crossing the border – both ways – for clandestine abortions”

  1. Long before Roe v. Wade, I heard stories about women going for a “Puerto Rican vacation” to obtain abortions or to European countries to get — and to Mexico as well.


  2. This won’t last for long.

    the mother of all whores, pp, is being cut out of her share of the action.

    Look for misoprostol to become number one on the ICE list of targeted contraband.


  3. Doesn’t this prove what the legalization people always claim: women who are unwilling to carry to term will inevitably get around the law?


  4. @Navi: Isn’t the best protection women who want to have babies being the ones getting pregnant?


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