Though she has helped usher in hard-hitting changes in women’s health care, Yoest is especially good at sounding reasonable rather than extreme. She never deviates from her talking points, never raises her voice and never forgets to smile.

~ New York Times reporter Emily Bazelon, in a profile of AUL CEO Charmaine Yoest, November 2

Jezebel’s Katie J. M. Baker’s response, in her piece, “Meet Charmaine Yoest, the pleasantly dngerous anti-choice leader”:

Her sticky-sweet refusal to talk about anything she doesn’t want to talk about reminds me of the day I spent with Lila Rose in D.C., the up-and-coming anti-choice activist who told me that Yoest was one of her role models. Bazelon describes Yoest almost exactly how I described Lila….

My trip to D.C… was one of my most frustrating reporting experiences because I couldn’t get Lila to deviate from her talking points for even half a second, rendering most of my notes useless….

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