Surprise! Feminists push to repeal Hyde Amendment

Now is the time to reopen the conversation about Hyde and abortion access: the public and the administration have been clear in their support of reproductive rights and affordable access to health care. We have a long way to go and a hard history to overcome, but we cannot back down. We must ensure that all services, including abortion, are affordable in order to secure people’s reproductive rights and ability to make decisions.

If President Obama believes that the lives and health of low-income people matter and that everyone deserves access to reproductive health services, he must take a stand this January and strike restrictions on Medicaid coverage of abortion when he presents his budget to Congress.

~ Megan S., rallying pro-choice troops to move forward with repealing the Hyde Amendment, Abortion Gang, November 7

[Photo via Center for Constitutional Rights]

20 thoughts on “Surprise! Feminists push to repeal Hyde Amendment”

  1. I guess he doesn’t care about the lives and health of unborn low-income babies.

    It would never pass the house.


  2. Such completely dishonest people who use the argument of “choice” to legalize abortion and then abandon “choice” for “force” as they seek to make everyone fund abortion can only be helped by our prayers. Pray that their eyes will be opened and that they will turn back to God.


  3. Doesn’t surprise me. Florida just shot down an Amendment that would have prevented state funds from going for abortion except when it’s required by law, and it also would have relaxed the privacy laws enough that our constitution can’t have broader abortion rights than the US Constitution. It’s all pretty depressing.


  4. Jack, what was the tally for and against, do you know?  I heard about that and it is very distrubing.


  5. Phillymiss, it was like a little over 4 million votes against, and like a little over 3 million votes for. I voted for the amendment obviously. I think 55% against and 45%, is how the percentages were.


  6. “Fund abortion.Protect dignity and justice for all women”  Are they serious???
    Those two sentences don’t belong together!


  7. Jack, sincere question, what is the libertarian argument against stated funded abortion?  And against abortion in general?



  8. Here Tyler:

    I’m not a libertarian, I just lean that way. I am always reading stuff and adjusting my views. I’m not sure why you are following me around on different threads and demanding that I explain libertarianism to you lol.


  9. Tyler, just read Left-Libertarianism and It’s Critics: A Contemporary Debate. It’s a good book, very thorough. Edited by Steiner and Vallentyne. I have read that, and I read Reason, it’s a libertarian magazine I think it’s published some of their writings too.


  10. It could never happen under Obama.  He signed an executive order just to make sure it wouldn’t……….


  11. BTW, Jack, if there are specific books or papers that you read by those writers can you please name.

    Just saw your post above. That was very kind of you.


  12. I just named a book! Go get it on Amazon! Lol don’t do that it’s really expensive, I read it at the university library here. Go do some reading on your own I don’t understand why you keep poking at me.


  13. Try a university library. They probably have more writing on libertarianism you could read too.


  14. Jack and Tyler have their book squared away…back to Hyde.  Oh they’ll get this alright.  You gotta love liberals.  They shoot the moon–and often get it.  But if they don’t get it, they get something just shy of it.  On the other side we have John Boehner who’s out there saying, “Hey, let me help you shoot that moon!”  


  15. Where pro-choice activists’ go astray in their logic has to do with what Roe v Wade actually stipulated – the government must be removed from the decisions/actions of a woman and her doctor. There is nothing in there that ever designated elective abortion a ‘health issue’. So, you can’t therefore ask an entity such as the government to stay out of your life but then go directly to them and ask for subsidies for your choices. Abortion, like many things (houses, cars, etc.), is legally for sale in this country. But not  having the money to pay for it is not an infringement on your right to execute your choices. I understand the anguish of unplanned pregnancy in a young person, but we have to learn that our actions have consequences – same as getting behind the wheel of a car while drunk and killing someone. Agonizing, yes. Avoidable? YES!



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