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12116569-largeFecteau said the “unknown substance” was holy water that she keeps in a squirt bottle. She said she sprayed it because someone from the pro-choice group was walking close to her while burning a “noxious material.”

“I had been told repeatedly by my health care provider not to breathe in that smoke because it’s making me sick,” said Fecteau. “I can’t tell if (mist from the spray bottle) drifted on this lady’s face.”

Pamela Watters, organizer of the pro-choice group, said she believes Fecteau intentionally sprayed Cox and several others in the face.

“It was not labeled holy water,” Watters said Monday. “My people didn’t know what was in that bottle. It could have been ammonia, it could have been bleach.”

Watters said the “noxious material” mentioned by Fecteau was a smudge stick – a bundle of sage and other dried herbs used in some Native American rituals. Members of the pro-choice group try to make sure women get to their clinic appointments “with as little harassment as possible,” she said.

~ Scenario involving the arrest of 70-yr-old pro-life activist Joyce Fecteau on January 9 outside the Alabama Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives in Huntsville, AL.com, January 14

Here’s video of the incident…



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