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Last year the pro-life group Created Equal debuted its jumbotron showing the reality of abortion at the March for Life in Washington, D.C.  Here is some of the poignant reaction of pro-life marchers…


As Created Equal noted, “If the victims are not represented at their own march, where will they be represented?”

This year CE has again reserved space along the March for Life route for its jumbrotron.

In addition, CE’s jumbotron will make an appearance in San Francisco on January 26 at the Walk for Life West Coast.

There has been some fallout. This year a March for Life VIP attempted to talk CE out of bringing the jumbotron back, expressing concern for children and finally asking CE to have “specially trained psychiatrists on hand to deal with the emotional stress of the marchers” (the same position taken against pro-life activists by a pro-abortion church).

After the March last year, CE received several letters thanking the group for showing the reality of abortion. One letter CE received to the contrary is noteworthy:

I am very disappointed that you will be showing such a graphic film at the March for Life. We are trying to build a tradition of Marching for Life in our church and were starting with a small group of 16. Your display is mis-placed.  –T. D.

CE’s president, Mark Harrington, pointedly responded:

We don’t want to return to Washington, D.C. next year.  We don’t want children to die so we can “build a tradition” of going to the March for Life.  Maybe some remedial education is in order as to the reason we march.  We march to end the marching.

Here is the tragic but true 2:22 minute video CE will be looping throughout the March and Walk on its jumbotron:



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