565600_10200344040269360_2012432767_nUPDATE 1/24, 10:30a: Thanks to all who participated, whether by the many great posts I read on your blogs (links below), or on Facebook, or on Twitter (where the conversation at #Tweet4Choice is still going strong!).

I think our effort this year was particularly impactful given the dust up in the pro-abortion community over the word “choice.”

Thanks again for doing such a great job pushing back on their euphemismistic cover-up of preborn murder.

1/21, 3:10p: In response to NARAL’s Blog for Choice Day, we are sponsoring our third annual Ask Them What They Mean When They Say “Choice” Day – tomorrow.

All online pro-lifers are invited to join in!

Read backstory here.

This year we are expanding beyond bloggers to the online pro-life community at large – you!

Click to join the event on Facebook here.

By doing so you will become part of a pro-life contingent that will challenge abortion supporters tomorrow, January 22, whenever and wherever we see them use the word “choice” online.

If on Twitter, use the hashtag #Tweet4Choice for all tweets tomorrow, which NARAL has designated for its Blog for Choice Day, the impetus for our day.

Thanks to Planned Parenthood we have added fodder for discussion tomorrow. Almost two weeks ago PP announced it was abandoning the term, “pro-choice.” You might want to ask “choice” advocates about that.

Thanks to bloggers who have signed up to blog on what “choice” really means tomorrow. So far they include:

A Catholic Mom in Hawaii

A Single Drop in the Ocean

A Star of Hope

A Voice for Hope

Abby Johnson

Aloha Life Advocates

Americans for the Life of the Nation

Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform

Candid Catholic Living

Catholic Bandita

Catholic Sistas

Catholic View

Crazy Cat Lady Mews

Eating Slowly

Family Research Council

Freedom Eden

Health & Home & Heritage

Josiah Concept Ministries

Let It Sparkle

Left Coast Refugee

Life Issues Institute


Live Action

Operation Rescue

Out My Front Door

Outside the Asylum

Post-Abortion Walk

Pro-Life in TN

Rai’s Mundo

Rosary Mom

Secular Pro-Life


Speaking 4 Life

Spiritual Workout

Stand for Life

Stand True

Star Studded Super Step


The Guiding Star Project

The Reformed Pro-Lifer

The Will County News

Tim Harlow

TN Smart Girl

Tradition Family Property Student Action

Victory Girls

Vital Signs

Wy Blog

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