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Last week President Obama’s Department of Justice lost yet another Freedom of Access to Clinics case when it settled with pro-lifer David Hamilton.

More on Attorney General Eric Holder’s harassment of Hamilton below.

But for those keeping count, here is the losing list of FACE cases brought forth by the Obama DOJ so far (including one not even listed on the DOJ site, US v. Parente):


As for Hamilton, police arrested him in January 2010 after a deathscort screamed when he touched her at EMW Women’s Surgical Center in Louisville, Kentucky.

IMG_3919 copyHamilton was attempting to speak with a pregnant mother who was entering EMW for an abortion.

Two deathscorts had locked one arm each behind her and then illegally blockaded the entire sidewalk with their outstretched other arms to keep David from getting past to offer the mom literature.

David moved the arm of one deathscort down to pass her, and she yelled, as they always do, and the police cuffed him, even though the deathscort filed no complaint.

Police later dropped charges – because there were none – but that didn’t stop Holder from attempting to prosecute Hamilton under FACE almost a year later.

The DOJ wanted a $15,000 penalty and got $0. It wanted an injunction to keep David away from EMW and got nada. It wanted $5,000 in damages and got $2,500.

I spoke with David last week. He only settled for damages because the decision would have otherwise been in the hands of a jury.

Dana Cody NEW photo black jacket  white top mouth With soft boarderThanks to Dana Cody, pictured left, and the team at Life Legal Defense Foundation, as well as attorney Vince Heuser, for their help with this case and many other FACE cases.

To date none of Holder’s FACE charges have stuck. One judge has even accused the DOJ of harassment.

Recall the Obama DOJ bragged in 2011 it was “taking a more aggressive approach” against pro-lifers, going so far as to “meet[ ] with abortion-rights groups and medical providers all over the country,” according to NPR.

Also recall Holder’s wife Sharon, an ob/gyn, has a financial stake in the abortion business. She owns a building in Georgia that houses an abortion clinic.

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