Clinic escort: Churches should discourage sidewalk protests


Recently, I posted pictures showing protesters with the “dead baby” signage [shown], all crowded around in front of the clinic. I was pleased with the piece. I thought it conveyed the intensity of the scene pretty well. That was what I wanted.

I want people to know how awful-horrible-terrible it is out there. I want everyone to know how extreme the antis are, how they try to intimidate, shame, and harass clients on their way to the clinic. I want people to be so outraged that even reasonable people in churches discourage their members from spending time creating shame. So outraged that they rally to help pass legislation creating a buffer zone.

~ Blogger fml221 on her/his(?) experience as a Louisville, KY abortion clinic escort, Every Saturday Morning, January 8

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  1. The first paragraph is pretty good.  Unless the pictures contain a surprise, I could have written it.
    The second paragraph requires a little more work.  Substitute “abortion clinic escorts” for “antis” and be more precise about what these escorts do, especially with regard to “creating shame,” whatever that means.  The “buffer zone” should be meant to keep them away from young women.


  2. Are the ‘dead babies r us’ mob willing to stop using ‘shame’ when it comes to dead beat dads, smokers, drunk drivers, veal eaters….?

    Shaming is only effective when people are ashamed of what they have done, are doing or may do.  


  3. I love how they pretend their work is “noble, holy and right.” As if they are on the moral high road.  As though walking a woman into a mill to pay to have someone kill her own child can be any of those things. 

    You are walking her to darkness. Leading her straight into the pits of hell. You usher her to despair. God help you.

    And we who stand out there? We are offering her life and light and help and hope. A chance to AVOID the devastation and death that abortion brings.



  4. “I want people to know how awful-horrible-terrible it is out there”
    Uh..yea..the signs SHOW that.
    (People are “intimidated” by a picture of a dead baby?….odd)


  5. It is remarkable how words can be twisted…even the Bible can be used to promote wickedness (I’ve seen it…). 
    Those pictures show the truth of what abortion is all about…shame only shows up on the scene if one becomes ashamed of the realization that they have participated–willingly or not–in the horror.
    The purpose of shame is not to instill a chronic, permanent condition, but that the one shamed look for relief in the only true place it can be found…at the Cross of Jesus.
    Yeah, truth against lies is intense…even Jesus experienced that…


  6. Regardless of how much you try to blame the people on the sidewalk for showing the photos of the results of this choice, it isn’t their fault, any more than it’s a museum’s fault for its Holocaust exhibit.

    It’s interesting that after the Holocaust, the German people were made to tour the concentration camps and see the destruction they allowed to be perpetrated right in their own backyards. 

    The shame they must have felt was not the fault of those who made them tour the camps.


  7. Awwwww poor wittle escort. :( The truth can be pretty uncomfortable, huh? Those meanies are showing the women and girls something really unpleasant, aren’t they? 

    Funny how they try to make themselves out to be the heroes, yet are terrified of the truth. What’s so frightening about a product of conception? Why doesn’t anyone protest wisdom teeth or tonsil removal? Maybe because the “potential, not-really-but-sorta fetus” is actually, you know, a human. And maybe they know that if most of those women are offered a real ray of hope, and a true alternative, they’d gladly run to it. Hmm. Food for thought.


  8. Thanks for blogging some free advertising for us pro-lifers.  Often you abortion advocates try to block people from seeing things like the Genocide Project.  How nice of you to put the photos up on your page so that all of your abortion advocating peers can see how full of rainbows and unicorns the abortion industry really is. 


  9. Praise God!  It looks like to me that these people are so blinded by the father of lies that they don’t even know they are actually helping the cause – They are actually showing the truth of their labors and Thank God for that!! 


  10. I would give more credence to a blind person in describing that protest than this blogger. Using the phrase dead baby in quotes shows she is totally out of touch with reality.


    Wait – the people outside showing the work results of the people inside the building are the ones to be shamed?  
    You want to know terrible-horrible?  Imagine someone going into a school armed with a huge vacuum machine and a cannula and systematically ripping children apart and vacuuming them up.
    Except you don’t have to imagine that…
    That’s who and what you are supporting.
    fml221 – If you find the mere vision of the work of abortionists disturbing, then stop supporting abortionists.
    Stop supporting a Newtown massacre in the US every roughly 10 minutes.
    It’s time to disarm the killers armed with aspiration cannulas.


  12. Sounds like a mild yet realistic description of the situation. Gatherings of anti-choicers seem to think they’re on some sort of holy crusade when most folks just see them as nuisance nutters conducting a vigil. Just like the WBC. And looking at the images of the gatherings, signage etc. it is very redolent of the WBC activities.


  13. “it is very redolent of the WBC activities.”

    And you know because you take part in WBC activities, of course. 



  14. “And you know because you take part in WBC activities, of course.” – are you trying for irony, comedy or sarcasm John? :-)


  15. “are you trying for irony, comedy or sarcasm John?”
    I dunno, which manner of dumbassery are you typically driving at?  I would guess insane over-the-top inaccurate comparisons intended to do nothing but rile people.  Or to use the common tongue, Trololololololo!


  16. “insane over-the-top inaccurate comparisons” – yes well, there are certainly a few anti-choice people here who fall into that particular category.
    I see very similar traits being displayed John. Extremists devoting their time and energy to annoy, harass, impede and insult people because of some intrinsic belief that their way is the only ‘true and good path’. Carrying huge placards and chanting various bon mots, some supposedly based on various interpretations of biblical text.


  17. “Gatherings of anti-choicers seem to think they’re on some sort of holy crusade when most folks just see them as nuisance nutters conducting a vigil.”
    Well duh. If a large majority of people supported us, there would be no need for us to be out in public conducting our “holy crusades” in the first place, right? And your statement is true for every group of activists in human history that stood up for the right to life of other people.
    As Gandhi stated, “first they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”
    Another great Gandhi quote: “It seems to me as clear as daylight that abortion would be a crime.” :) 


  18. “I see very similar traits being displayed John.”
    Trololololo, lololo, lololo, lololololo!


  19. “If a large majority of people supported us, there would be no need for us to be out in public conducting our “holy crusades” in the first place, right” – right!
    So John, no valid argument to be posed in response, thought not.


  20. “So John, no valid argument to be posed in response, thought not.”
    Oh, did you post something thoughtful?  Something that wasn’t totally ridiculous?  That was worthy of any kind of response at all?  Where?


  21. that’s funny. Reality seems to be fully capable of googling images when he wants to prove HIS (bad) point. Let us know when you find a Pro-Abortion blog with a pic of a woman killed by illegal abortion.


  22. LOL yeah here’s another “similar” picture:

    People!  With signs!  That makes them the same!  WBC = gay rights protesters!
    Other “Reality” based arguments:
    -Hitler drank water.  Bush drank water.  Therefore Bush is Hitler.
    -The KKK uses white sheets.  Bush had white sheets on his bed.  Therefore Bush is KKK. 
    -Stalin pooped.  Bush pooped.  Therefore Bush is Stalin.
    Like I said.  Trololo….


  23. It seems to me that the most successful people to protest might be couples wanting to adopt, holding up signs that say “I WILL RAISE YOUR BABY”.  How perfect would that be?  A solution standing right in front of you when you might feel the only solution is abortion.


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