C--Everett-KoopI was sad to learn Dr. C. Everett Koop passed away on February 25.

Dr. Koop was President Ronald Reagan’s pro-life surgeon general.

Read Dr. Koop’s touching obituary at World Magazine.

I came to personally learn just how strongly pro-life Dr. Koop was in 1999.

I had just publicly revealed that my employer, Christ Hospital, was committing late-term abortions, and any abortion survivors were being shelved to die in a soiled utility room in the Labor & Delivery Department.

I had also revealed that Christ Hospital’s parent company, Advocate Health Care, was in the process of making its unofficial abortion policy official. Hospitals in the system were already aborting babies with Down syndrome and Spina bifida, among other handicaps. Advocate was merely planning to put the practice into writing.

It is at that time Dr. Koop wrote a letter of protest to Laurence O’Connell, then Advocate’s Chief Ethics Officer.

I will also be grateful to Dr. Koop for the special interest he took in the helpless little babies being aborted at Christ Hospital. Click his letter to enlarge…


Download the pdf of Dr. Koop’s letter here.

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