New owner: Tiller’s late-term abortion clinic has “very positive” vibe

burkhartI’m not going to be intimidated out of what I feel passionate about…

We can’t let fear rule our lives….

This was a building that was full of love and compassion for women. To me, this feels like a very positive space.

~ Julie Burkhart, proprietor of the Kansas abortion clinic formerly operated by the late George Tiller, remarking on her plans to re-open and “have two doctors regularly fly into town to perform the [up to 14 weeks gestational age] procedures,” as quoted by The New York Times, February 13

The Daily Beast also has an enlightening interview with Burkhart.

[Photo via Allison Yarrow/The Daily Beast]

12 thoughts on “New owner: Tiller’s late-term abortion clinic has “very positive” vibe”

  1. 14 weeks is just halfway through the 4th month of pregnancy.  This is the start of the 2nd trimester.  It is about this time that Eleanor Cooney had her illegal abortion recounted in “The Way It Was.” 


  2. A positive space??? Where babies had poison injected into their hearts and where their bodies were thrown into a crematorium? A space of hell imo.


  3. The place should be burned to the ground.  Then the ground should be blessed, given back to God for His holy purpose, and a home for unwed mothers built instead.


  4. “..a building that was full of love and compassion for women.”
    This may be the single most obvious example of “cognitive dissonance” I have ever heard !


  5. When thinking about who deserves jail time after abortion is made illegal again, who can forget

    Clinic owners like this.


  6. In the article, it continues on about how her otherwise joyful kids found the “operating” room to be spooky, “like a place where zombies come out” or some such (smart kids).  And then she’s like, yeah, it needs some fresh paint.
    What planet do these people come from?!


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