by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • Planned Parenthood will close two Iowa clinics in March. One of the clinics set to close (Spencer Health Center) currently offers abortion services.
  • Richard Doerflinger writes about ways to reduce abortion including fighting poverty, ending tax-funded abortions, regulating the abortion industry, upholding strong marriages and promoting sexual risk avoidance for the young.
  • At First Things, Pete Spiliakos writes about a winning strategy for pro-life candidates:

    This “speak only when spoken to” approach to abortion seems cautious, but it is really foolhardy. It allows Democrats and their media allies decide when and how the abortion issue is discussed. So in a country in which third trimester abortions are legal on-demand, our abortion discussion centers on questions like “So why are you against the removal of a tiny clump of rapist-produced cells?” Republicans not choosing to talk about abortion doesn’t mean that we don’t talk about abortion. It means that we only talk about the issue when and how liberals choose.

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