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  • Americans United for Life has filed two briefs supporting the conscience rights of Hobby Lobby and Autocam against the HHS contraceptive mandate:

    The briefs… demonstrate that “emergency contraception,” life-ending drugs mislabeled as “contraception,” can prevent an embryo from implanting or kill an already-implanted embryo, and that forcing employers to provide coverage for such drugs violates the fundamental freedom of conscience.


  • Jivin J finds some enlightening information on newly elected NARAL president, Ilyse Hogue (pictured left). After an arrest in 1999, Hogue shared a cell with a “witch” named Star Hawk, says the LA Times:

    Fans praised her talent at using ancient pagan rituals, such as the spiral dance, to impart to the disparate group a feeling of unity, “the sense that we are all part of each other,” according to Ilyse Hogue, one of the protesters.

    Hogue, of San Francisco, recalled that she and Star Hawk were arrested at the World Trade Organization melee in Seattle and landed in the same cell. The witch, Hogue said, buoyed everyone’s spirits in jail by “recognizing that the Earth has its own energy” and tapping into it to build human solidarity.

    Remind me… which side is supposedly “anti-science”?

  • At The Guiding Star Project, links the idea of carrying a child in the womb to the largely feminine desire to externally prepare homes and spheres of influence, calling it “wombing”:

    Do you see the parallel? Our bodies are designed to “make comfortable” a little visitor for nine months. Our bodies “set up house” and provide everything for a little life to thrive. So too do we have a tendency to do the same thing externally – outside of our bodies, in our sphere of influence.

  • Fletcher Armstrong says a grant has been provided to bring Life Training Institute’s amazing speakers to U.S. Christian high schools at no cost. According to Armstrong, this is the “best pro-life apologetics training on the planet.”


  • Coming Home writes that despite the pro-life movement’s internal conflicts, the incremental approach to pro-life legislation was supported by Pope John Paul II in his 1995 Encyclical, Evangelium Vitae.
  • Bound4Life praises Alabama’s Women’s Health and Safety Bill, which moved successfully through the AL House and now goes on to their state Senate. The bill would put regulations on who can perform abortions, on complying with building codes, and on mandated reporting of possible statutory rape, among other things.
  • Clinic Quotes says that according to a 1984 report from the US Department of Health and Human Services, “there [was] a 300% increase in ectopic pregnancy in 10 years after abortion was legalized. In 1970 the incidence was 4.8 per thousand births, by 1980 had risen to 14.5 per thousand births.”
  • Generations for Life links to an article by Dr. Michael New on why pro-lifers need to be comfortable discussing and advocating for chastity. New writes:

    The best predictor of someone’s attitude toward abortion is his or her opinion on the morality of premarital sex. People who think that premarital sex is morally acceptable are very likely to be pro-choice….

    I always remind pro-lifers that a promiscuous society will never support significant restrictions on abortion. While pro-lifers are good at talking about fetal development and personal responsibility, we are less comfortable with subjects such as sexual activity and contraception.

  • Culture Campaign shares video of Nigeria’s Cardinal Francis Arinze from 2007, addressing the problem of liberal “Catholic” politicians who are “personally pro-life” but vote to keep abortion legal:


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