The media is suddenly starting to pay attention to mass murderer Kermit Gosnell, thanks in part to a “TweetFest” currently underway until midnight to “break the media blackout,” as is posted on the Facebook event page launched by Andy Moore, Bryan Kemper, and Troy Newman.

Kudos, too, to pro-life Democrat Kirsten Powers, who also helped light a fire under her liberal friends in the media with her USA Today post.

Per CNN’s Anderson Cooper, within the hour (time stamp is way off)…

Also read a good column by Dave Weigel at Slate.

Then there’s pro-abort Washington Post reporter Sarah Kliff, who tweeted this…

As if the Dahmer, Gacy, and Speck stories were all “local”? And is if there is no possible policy hook, such as, say, clinic regulations?

Join in on Twitter, being sure to use the hashtag #Gosnell. Am reading #Gosnell is currently trending #6 in U.S. right now.