this year was our fourth annual pledge a picketer fund drive….

of course we count the babies in carriers and strollers, and yes, i count the obviously pregnant ladies for two. afterall, they are displaying their big bellies as tools of shame, same as they are their toddlers.. and besides, they count them, right? (this is a LIFE!!) plus, i am that escort who will call a fetus a baby without shame, and still justify termination as a compassionate option, no matter what the reason is.

of course i can’t have that conversation on the sidewalk. for one thing that would be engaging, which i try to avoid at all, but also the predictable next step (to call me a murderer) crosses the line of trying to argue logically with an illogical person, hence the non-engagement.

~ From blog post, “The counting of the antis,” by wenches, May 14, at Everysaturdaymorning’s Blog, written by abortion clinic escorts at EMW Women’s Surgical Center in Louisville, Kentucky

[Photo of pro-lifers at EMW via]

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