Kit WilliamsonQ: Did you have the feeling that abortion was something that needed to be portrayed more realistically on screen?

A: The most realistic examples I can think of are Parenthood or Friday Night Lights, but both of those shows were dealing with teenage pregnancy, which is a very different situation.

Several of my friends have had abortions, and I’ve never really seen an abortion on a TV show that reflected their experience. I’m not saying it’s fun, but it’s not always the horribly conflicted, nightmarishly difficult decision it’s made out to be.

~ Actor, writer, playwright, and director Kit Williamson (pictured) explaining his decision to feature an abortion storyline on the
“comedic and gay-leaning web series EastSiders,” in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, May 14

[Video at the link; Photo credit: Kit Williamson’s Twitter page]

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