Whatever happened to keeping abortion “safe, legal, and rare”? Those goals just don’t fit the needs of the abortion industry anymore.

Last night the abortion crowd, or perhaps I should say “mob”… managed to filibuster a [Texas] bill which would help regulate abortions….

Why did a senator oppose the bill with hours of filibustering? Why did an unruly mob keep the senate from doing its job after the filibuster ended? Abortion supporters couldn’t allow this bill to pass because it made abortions safer. Yup. Safer.

The bill in question would require all abortion providers to upgrade their facilities because under this bill abortion clinics would be considered surgical centers. Only five of the forty-two abortion providers in Texas offer this level of care….

It seems to me that proponents of abortion have talked themselves into a corner. On the one hand, we have to leave these clinics open because we can’t risk that anyone would go to a back alley for an abortion. This is an issue of women’s health. On the other hand, abortion isn’t really risky, so we don’t need the added protections in place. Which is it? Risky or not?

… How’s this for a new motto: “Cheap, legal, and ubiquitous”?

~ Collin Garbarino, First Things, June 26

[Photo via gosanangelo.com]

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