BIO_marcotte-amanda-2012It’s no doubt tempting for abortion opponents to cite the many stories of turnaway mothers [women denied abortions] who grew to embrace motherhood as a way to make their case for banning abortion. But bluntly put, what other option do these women have?

Women who want abortions are not heartless or somehow incapable of forming a parental-child bond or without a moral compass. The fact that people adjust to unwanted situations such as forced parenthood or arranged marriages is not, at the end of the day, an argument for removing their right to choose against those situations.

In addition, being able to love a child who is actually here while being opposed to having the child while it’s in the womb highlights the very real difference between an actual person and a potential one, a difference the anti-choice movement tries to deny.

~ Abortion advocate Amanda Marcotte, reacting to a recent study which showed that “turnaways who keep their babies eventually come around to accepting and even embracing their status as mothers. (Only 9 percent give their children up for adoption),” Slate, June 12

[Photo via Slate]

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