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  • At National Review, Mona Charen says feminism has failed women if all it has to offer is the “hookup culture” in tandem with unfettered abortion:

    Welcome to the feminist paradise, where the ideal is for women to model themselves not just on men, but on the worst men….[The Feminine Mystique author Betty] Friedan and her many acolytes were pushing on an open door.

    But they pushed in the wrong direction. Not satisfied with encouraging women to pursue careers and correcting legal barriers to women’s equality, feminists sought nothing less than the obliteration of family life and traditional sexual mores. The “double standard” in matters of sex, they taught, favored men. The solution was promiscuity for everyone (enabled by unrestricted abortion).

    It was a foolish and self-defeating wrong turn.


  • Pro-Life New Mexico announces that a ban on late term abortion in Albuquerque will be on the ballot in October, thanks to a successful, pro-life grassroots effort to gather the signatures of 18,000 registered voters.

A ban would take direct aim at Southwestern Women’s Options (abortionists Shelley Sella, Susan Robinson and Carmen Landau pictured left), infamous for regularly performing late-term abortions.

  • ProLife NZ says the UK’s 1967 Abortion Act is being used to abort healthy babies. The Act is meant to allow for late-term abortion if there is “substantial risk” of a “serious” disability or defect. Instead, it is being used to abort children with correctable defects such as cleft palate and club foot.
  • ProWomanProLife discusses a challenge being brought against the suppression of abortion-related data in Ontario, Canada. Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection Privacy Act (FIPPA) “prohibit[s] the official release of any abortion-related information”:

    Slipped in as part of Bill 122, an act purportedly about public sector financial accountability, the change to Section 65 effectively rendered provincial abortion data after 2010 untouchable to the general public.



  • According to Right to Life of Michigan, another lawsuit has been filed – this time by two pro-life brothers in Michigan, one Catholic and the other Protestant – challenging the HHS Mandate on behalf of their small, family-owned law firm in Kalamazoo.
  • At Reproductive Research Audit, Michael J. New says there is a consensus among peer-reviewed studies which shows parental notification laws lower the abortion rate for minors. Hmm… I wonder why the abortion industry opposes these laws:

    … [T]he knowledge that their parents will be involved with an abortion decision provides teen girls with a strong disincentive to engage in unprotected sexual activity. Indeed, there is a body of research on the positive public health effects associated with the presence of parental involvement laws.

A 2003 study in the Journal of Health Economics… found that parental involvement laws reduce the pregnancy rate of 15 to 17 year olds by 4 to 9 percent… [and another] study… shows that parental involvement laws reduce the gonorrhea rate anywhere from 12 to 20 percent for females under 20…. [T]he enactment of parental involvement law is associated with an 11 to 21 percent reduction in the number of 15 to 17 year old females who commit suicide.

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