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  • RH Reality Check has yet another post in which a child who was born alive and left to die in a dumpster is described as a “fetus.” Their Senior Legal Analyst Jessica Mason Pieklo has this description of local authorities prosecuting a woman who lied about her pregnancy after she left her child (born around 30 weeks gestation and breathing, according to the coroner) to die in a dumpster:

    The State of Indiana is prosecuting another woman for a failed pregnancy, this time charging a woman with felony neglect after a fetus was found in a dumpster. Prosecutors had originally considered charging the woman with feticide, like in the case of Bei Bei Shuai. Either way, the state has made it clear any pregnancy that does not result in a successful live birth will be viewed first and foremost as a probable crime, which is a terrifying reality for women in the state.

    However, this wasn’t a failed pregnancy and the reason the state didn’t charge her with feticide is because the child wasn’t a fetus. The evidence clearly suggests that Purvi Patel ordered abortion drugs online, took them, gave birth at her home, and then disposed of her 30-week child (who was born alive) in a dumpster. Pregnancies that don’t result in successful live births will only be viewed possible crimes if the mothers lie about their pregnancies and gestational ages, and toss their living children into dumpsters.


  • The New York Times has a promotional puff piece on Senator Wendy Davis, who apparently has “battle scars and ferocity of spirit.” I’ve seen EMILY’s List e-mails promoting candidates less effusively than this:

    She was an overnight sensation.

    In short order, she pumped life into the moribund Texas Democratic Party, recharged the state’s women’s movement, raised nearly $1 million in two weeks for her re-election campaign and, not least, was beseeched by supporters and some in her party to run for governor in 2014, which might be a quixotic quest in a state that has not elected a Democrat to that office in 20 years.

  • A building housing an abortion clinic in El Paso has a “for lease” sign in the window, but clinic employees claim the clinic doesn’t plan on closing.
  • Two people in India are being held because a young woman died after an abortion:

    Police said the victim and the man, identified as Deepak from Dadri, had been in a relationship. On realizing that the victim was pregnant, Deepak arranged for an abortion. He took the victim to a quack, Nisha Rani, who allegedly performed an illegal abortion on July 18. During the procedure, the victim allegedly became serious which scared Deepak. He then decided to rush her to Naveen Hospital where he abandoned the victim and fled, police said.

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