labor and deliveryFor many men, a new baby is a terrifying prospect. It means a lot of responsibility. After all, a new life is completely dependent on them. It’s scary for women, too, but we have nine months to get used to it as we bond with the baby inside us. Could this have played into his decision to end it? We may never know.

But I keep thinking of his poor wife. Here she is, probably still in pain from everything her body has just gone through. She is likely exhausted, elated, overwhelmed, and emotional. It’s some of the happiest and most overwhelming moments of her life. And then this. He took that joy away from her.

In many ways, that just seems so cruel.

~ Sasha Brown-Worsham commenting on the report of a man who killed himself hours after the birth of his baby, The Stir, August 13

[HT: Laura Loo]

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