amandahein“I cannot get inside this lady’s head,” Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli said of [a] potential motive. “I have no clue.”

The premature baby was a few weeks premature, but still could have survived, authorities said….

After giving birth, [Amanda] Hein [age 26, pictured] allegedly smoked a cigarette and rejoined friends, gathered to watch the pay-per-view wrestling show WWE SummerSlam.

[She] had kept her pregnancy a secret.

The suspect’s stepmother… sobbed when she learned the horrific details. She didn’t know Amanda was expecting, but recalled seeing a letter from Planned Parenthood addressed to her.

~ David K. Li, reporting on the discovery of a near full-term infant wrapped in plastic and hidden inside a pub’s toilet tank, New York Post, August 27

Pennsylvania has a safe haven law, which would have allowed Hein to leave the baby at any local hospital, no questions asked.

Media originally reported that a “fetus” had been found in a toilet tank. The pub’s owner was visibly shaken by the discovery:

[HT: LauraLoo; photo via NY Daily News]

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