by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Wesley J. Smith explores the dark side of Big Fertility that “has also helped create a destructive view that people not only have a right to a child, but to the child they want.” Besides ethical concerns and the health risks associated with this industry, the failure rate of IVF in the US is almost 70%:

    It is time to rein in the hype and take a more realistic look at the taboos and myths surrounding infertility and science’s ability to “cure” it.Smith recommends instead focusing on the “parentless children” waiting for adoption and a forever home.


  • Jivin J comments on a recent Washington Post editorial asserting – without any evidence – that if Ken Cuccinelli wins the gubernatorial election, abortion clinics in Virginia will shut down. The editorial makes this leap because Cuccinelli favors clinic regulations and inspections. The editorial also ignores the results of last year’s announced inspections, which revealed “widespread deficiencies” and asserts there is “no evidence that women are at risk in Virginia’s abortion clinics.”
  • John Smeaton posts some timely statements from the Pope:

    Pope Francis has sent a strong pro-life and pro-family message to the participants in the annual Social Week for Italian Catholics, held this past weekend in Turin on the theme of “The Family: Hope and Future for Italian Society”. He said: “A population that does not take care of the elderly and of children and the young has no future, because it abuses both its memory and its promise”. He also said that the family based on opposite-sex marriage open to life is the basis of society.

  • The Christian Science Monitor has published Michael J. New’s response to Marymount College student Elizabeth Jahr’s assertions that “Pro-Life Groups Don’t Really Protect The Unborn” and that political pro-life efforts (and the March for Life) would be better spent assisting women facing crisis pregnancies.
  • Secular Pro-Life compares the downplaying of child abuse experienced by an orphan to society’s downplaying of abortion:

    So we either do something about it… or we look the other way. We question the situation’s veracity. Or we ignore the topic entirely, using polite terms like “choice” and “personal issue.” After all, if we can’t see it — if we insist that it can’t really be that bad — then it’s not real, right? Like the local Germans who lived directly outside WWII-era concentration camps yet didn’t know its horrors until forced to see, we ignore what is happening in orphanages across the world, homes on our block, and Planned Parenthood offices in our town.

  • ProWomanProLife asks readers to encourage pro-life hero/activist Linda Gibbons who sits in a jail for protesting outside an abortion clinic. While in jail her daughter passed away. Letters are encouraged – info at the link.
  • Pro-Life Wisconsin features a song and video about a true story that ends with adoption:

    John Elefante, the former lead singer of the rock band Kansas, has made a pro-life music video in honor of his adopted daughter, Sami. ”I can’t imagine life without my daughter, Sami, and it just breaks my heart that pregnant young women much like her birth mother, instead of choosing life for their babies, are denying them the chance to be born,” Elefante said. “If our song can in any way bring attention to this issue and encourage those who are considering abortion to choose life through options such as adoption, then we couldn’t be happier.”


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