by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Big Blue Wave finds it rich that NARAL is now putting out the appeal for men to be more active in promoting abortion – not only at the legislative level, but grassroots as well. I guess “my body, my choice,” was only valid when the pro-choice side wasn’t in a panic.
  • Kansans for Life says the recent uptick in passage of state pain-capable laws is causing real angst among media elite. The New York Times publishes a piece attempting to show that these legislative victories are just “wishful thinking on the part of zealots.” Citing abortion providers and ardent supporters, the authors still had to pick and choose the experts’ works carefully to omit any published evidence that contradicted the intent of the article. If that weren’t bad enough, they chose to claim late-term abortions are so rare (2%) that they’re not a big deal – but that 2% translates to 20,000 children per year.

image of pre born

  • The Leading Edge noticed a Facebook post from pro-abortion New Zealand association ALRANZ, which defended gender-selective abortions. The interesting thing about the post, though, was that a picture of a preborn child was posted with their link – for which they felt the need to apologize (click to enlarge screenshot at left).
  • The Guiding Star Project posts a thought-provoking piece about how we discuss pregnancy. In the pre-ultra sound era, it was often stated that “we don’t care what we’re having as long as it’s healthy.” But the author, a mother of a child with significant health issues, says the better response would be, “we are just happy to have this child.” We wouldn’t consider abandoning our born children due to medical issues, so why should we do so with our preborn children?
  • 40 Days for Life says another clinic prayer vigil site – this time in Montana – is closing its doors:

    Local Montana 40 Days for Life leaders pointed out that this 41st clinic will close in the 41st year following the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that imposed abortion on America… in the 41st state to be admitted to the Union.


  • At Live Action, Sarah Terzo discusses the misperception that somehow pro-life counseling is inherently biased, while abortion clinic “counseling” is non-biased. Author of the book Lovejoy: A Year in the Life of an Abortion Clinic by Peter Korn spent a year “observing abortions and interviewing patients at an abortion clinic” and tends to paint abortion workers in a “sympathetic” light. Yet in his detail of the counseling sessions, he reveals misinformation and pressure used by the counselors (salespeople):

    Tiffany is reluctant to abort her baby. She tells Anneke [the counselor] she thinks she wants to have her child. Korn describes what the counselor says next:

    “I’m not here to change your mind. I’m not here to force your opinion. But I’m sitting here seeing this beautiful young woman with her whole life ahead of her, and you have so many other things you can do right now. Why don’t you go ahead with your dreams and have kids later?” Tiffany had no answer so Anneke continued, “We’re always here for you.”… Before ending the session Anneke left Tiffany with some figures that she recently had learned from Carye: One in ten high school girls who become pregnant finish high school, and one in ten thousand girls who have babies during high school finish college. And a third statistic: Over 80 percent of the men in this country don’t pay their child support. “The statistics are stacked against you,” Anneke said….

    Reluctantly, Tiffany agrees to abort her baby. By this time, the baby’s father has arrived at the clinic to talk her out of the abortion. The clinic workers call the police and have him thrown out before he can see her.

    Tiffany goes through with the procedure alone. The clinic makes another $400. Another baby is dead.

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