by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Clinic Quotes pulls a quote from the wayback machine (1976) showing the mindset of the people who make their living performing abortions. A director of nursing from an abortion facility is quoted:

    In some ways it is very boring, these abortions — the same thing day after day. In fact the nurses are excited about complications because it’s something different.


  • Abolitionist Society has a new poster in response to President Obama’s voiced concern that the Syrian government is murdering its own people with chemical weapons (pictured left).
  • The Guiding Star Project discusses NaPro Technology as a better, more ethical treatment for infertility, as compared to IVF:

    Many couples are completely unaware of a fast-growing technology for achieving pregnancy called NaPro Technology. This innovative technology is an approach to fertility that adheres to the guidelines provided by a woman’s natural cycles. The Creighton Model of fertility care is the foundation for this approach, monitoring the bio-markers which showcase hormonal changes in a woman’s cycle.

    Coupled with natural supplements, and sometimes laparoscopic surgery, NaPro Technology has a very high success rate when used to achieve pregnancy. Because NaPro is a fertility-care based approach and not just a fertility-control approach, many women who achieve pregnancy through this method may find it to be less stressful, more inclusive and a better option overall in catering to the needs of their entire person – mind, body and soul.

  • Josh Brahm was interviewed by his “new favorite Christian organization Soulation… about how pro-lifers can love pro-choice people better while discussing an emotional issue like abortion”:

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