by Carder

empty mangerMake no mistake, there are lots of Christians out there who are compassionate, who do take the need to be kind and loving to others to heart. Many of them, in fact, work in the world of reproductive justice.

The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice and Catholics for Choice are two very important groups that demonstrate that there are people who turn to faith for moral reasons.

But with the Christian right, stunts like the “empty manger” nonsense end up showcasing the mean-spirited and frankly irrational heart of reactionary politics wrapped up in religion. And the claims that these kinds of cruel actions are “just” an expression of faith and shouldn’t be criticized as the expressions of sadism that they actually are increasingly sound hollow.

~ Amanda Marcotte criticizing  “Would Planned Parenthood Have Aborted Jesus?” pro-life messaging, RH Reality Check, December 23

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