by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • The current CEO of Massachusetts Planned Parenthood is a former legislator who sponsored abortion clinic buffer zone legislation. There’s one problem with this. It’s against Massachusetts’ law:

    Furthermore, the law has specific restrictions once people leave state employment. There is a “forever ban” on working for anyone other than the state on a matter that an individual worked on as a state employee….

    “It would appear that former State Representative Walz is covered by the definition of this statue. State Representative Walz was the leading sponsor of the Buffer Zone Law, and then was hired to a position directly related to the Buffer Zone Law that has paid $250,000 per year,” Lyons says in his joint letter with Lombardo to the attorney general.

  • After reading this Time story, I think the author, Eliana Dockterman, doesn’t believe Pope Francis is really pro-life.
  • Clarke Forsythe discusses the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear Arizona’s appeal on their 20-week abortion ban:

    The Court simply declined to hear the case, and the Court (as is usual) issued no opinion explaining why. (In legal terms, the decision to decline to hear the appeal is not “precedential.” Lawyers can speculate as to the reason, and the most likely is that there was no “split” or “conflict” between different federal courts of appeal, which would require the Supreme Court’s reconciliation of the conflict.)…

    States outside the Ninth Circuit can and should enact 20-week limits to protect unborn life and protect women’s health. The Court has often “passed” on issues several times – six or seven times on the issue of flag salutes by school children – before addressing them.

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