by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • An abortion clinic escort reviews the study which produced the “1 in 3″ women will have an abortion statistic and finds the study doesn’t really say that:

    It is misleading to assume that one-third of a given group of women (such as a group of female protesters standing on the sidewalk) will have an abortion, or that one-third of your friends will have an abortion. I am not implying that anyone who has used the “1 in 3” figure when discussing abortion has been intentionally trying to twist the facts or mislead people. What I am saying is that there are a lot of critical limitations to consider with research – things that don’t fit cleanly into sound bites or onto posters.

  • Media Matters is hilarious. They have an article entitled, “How The Media Is Helping Conservatives Kill Roe v. Wade.”
  • Gerard Bradley looks at the pro-life movement 41 years after Roe v. Wade:

    First, there would be — and should be — thanksgiving and even joy. It is evidence of Divine Providence and proof of human love that we are here at all. Quick quiz: which other developed democracy can claim a pro-life movement that is a fraction of the one in the United States? Answer: none….

    Almost no one now speaks of the unborn as “tissue,” a “blob,” or an internal organ of the mother. Most abortion proponents no longer speak of the unborn at all, because there is nothing they could plausibly say that would serve their “pro-choice” cause….

    Yet we have not won. We are not even winning. And the pro-life movement faces challenges greater than it has ever confronted.

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