Katrina Jackson HB388 pro-life billThe Louisiana House voted this afternoon 88-5 to join the Senate in passing a pro-life omnibus bill, which Governor Bobby Jindal promoted and has already promised to sign.

But unlike Texas, there was no pink tennis-shoed legislator trying to hold up the process. HB388 received bipartisan support, even sponsored by a Democrat – Rep. Katrina Jackson, pictured left.

Depending on the source, the enacted measure is anticipated to close either three or four of the state’s five abortion clinics. Good riddance. Quoting nola.com:

While it’s been widely reported that the new measures could shutter three clinics in Baton Rouge, Metairie and New Orleans, the clinic in Bossier City still as [sic] to work to comply. 

imgresThe Delta Clinic in Baton Rouge is being hit with a double whammy. Only yesterday U.S. Senator David Vitter, pictured right, asked the Louisiana Dept. of Health and Hospitals to investigate it for HIPAA violations. DHH has already referred the matter to the FBI.

Like so many others, Delta Clinic has a sordid legal history, including a link to abortionist serial-killer Kermit Gosnell.

HB388 is quite a piece of legislation. It mandates that:

  • abortionists must have completed a residency program in either ob/gyn or family medicine
  • abortionists have admitting privileges at a hospital no more than 30 miles away
  • a 24-hour waiting period before RU-486 is administered, just as is present Louisiana law for surgical abortions
  • abortionists be in the room when a pregnant mother is given RU-486
  • abortionists report all medical or surgical abortion complications to the state and FDA if medical
  • clinics provide a 24-hour answering service with medical records at hand in case of emergencies
  • clinics provide written notice if employees have abortion sales quotas

The new law is certain to be challenged in court.

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals will eventually hear the case. While one 5th Circuit panel upheld Texas’s law and allowed abortion clinics to close immediately, a different 5th Circuit panel is allowing Mississippi’s lone abortion clinic to remain open while that case is pending.

I read an interesting quote yesterday by NARAL’s Vice President of Policy, Donna Crane. Attempting to “reassure supporters,” according to the Huffington Post, she said, ”[A]lthough these (restrictive state laws) keep happening and we are losing ground, we’ve not lost power.”

By what measure?

Pro-lifers are riding a great wave in the states at present. Kudos to the many pro-life legislators around the country enacting laws to protect women and babies.

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