by Carder

pro-choice Michelle Shocked finds common ground with pro-life counterpartsLet me tell you a story.

I was vagabonding, just released from an arrest in Dallas in 1984, at the Republican National Convention. I was making my way out of that protest toward New York City, and I made a detour to Madison, Wisconsin.

On the campus there, I saw older women protesting something, and there was a circle of students around them. When I got closer I saw coat hangers on the ground. I recognized that these older women were protesting against abortion. So I went up to one of the older women and I asked her, “What is it about this issue that makes you so passionate that you could come out on the streets to protest? Protesting is supposed to be my job.”

The woman’s response was very simple. She said, “because I believe abortion is murder.”

A light bulb turned on over my head, because I realized we had more in common than we had differences. I told her, “The next time you see me fighting against this war, this police action, this invasion, this occupation, if you ask me the same question, I’ll tell you because I believe war is murder.” I realized we have to find common ground. I have to respect her sanctity of life, and she has to respect mine.

To me, that is radical.

~ Pro-choice singer activist Michelle Shocked on her encounter with committed pro-life activists back in the 1980s, via American Thinker, June 25

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