by Carder

The Archbishop of New York says that the issue of pro-abortion Catholic politicians committing sacrilege, not to mention the sacrilege being participated in by those giving them Holy Communion, is “in the past.” That’s such an arrogant statement it takes your breath away.

First of all, it is a direct contradiction of Canon Law—number 915, to be specific.

Secondly, it absolutely deflates many pro-life Catholics’ efforts – takes the winds right out of their sails – by suggesting in a rather in-your-face kind of way, “We’ve moved on. Get over it.”

For all those pro-lifers praying in front of abortion chambers across the country, you are correct if you are feeling like you have been abandoned at the barricades—you have. It’s also interesting that he brands the issue as “inflammatory.” Why do you think it’s inflammatory in the first place? Because it involves sacrilege, the defilement of the Body and Blood of Our Blessed Lord.

~ Catholic apologist Michael Voris, deconstructing Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan’s interview with the Boston Globe regarding the controversy surrounding pro-abortion politicians claiming to be Catholic and receiving Holy Communion, Church Militant.TV, September 11

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