Stanek wkend Q: What does uproar over Miss America's stint at Planned Parenthood mean?

As National Right to Life president Carol Tobias noted, the revelation that newly crowned Miss America Kira Kazantsev interned last year at a New York Planned Parenthoodwill cast a shadow on her entire reign.”

Indeed, after found that tidbit on Kazantsev’s now deleted LinkedIn profile, the Internet lit up with pro-life disgust over “Miss Abortion America” and pro-abortion defense of same with equal disdain for pro-life opposition.

miss america kira kazantsev linkedin Planned Parenthood abortion giant

Huffington Post, Washington Times, Fox News, Celebrity Cafe, Salon, and The Daily Beast are just a sampling of the online news sources reporting on and opining about the controversy.

The online altercation is itself worth noting. Twenty years ago only one of the aforementioned news sites (WT) even existed. Before Al Gore invented the Internet, pro-life criticisms of such as this would have been lodged in a vacuum.

The fact that this is no longer true means even if pro-lifers are mocked for having a problem with Miss America’s advocacy for the United States’ largest abortion business, the message is getting through to somebody somewhere: There’s something wrong with Planned Parenthood, and it has to do with abortion.

This forces Planned Parenthood to activate its PR defense machine. Putting one’s opponent in a defensive position is always good.

Salon noted the Miss America Pageant’s “long pro-choice history,” but is abortion becoming more radioactive over the course of time? Has Planned Parenthood become more radioactive? (Why did Miss America feel the need to delete evidence of their connection?) Is the Miss America controversy an indicator, or nothing new?

Your thoughts?

[Photo via Reuters]

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