I feel like taking a break from the heavy burden of our pro-life work for a fun community chat this weekend.

So! Let’s talk! This weekend’s question is: Do you regift?

I heard a report yesterday that even wealthy Americans regift!


Per the report, that regifting percentage is up 10% from last year.

If you regift, what sorts of items do you recycle? Here’s what the survey says…


As for me, the answer is yes, I regift! In fact, I have a box full of items to regift! (I put the giver’s name on the gift so I don’t make the mortifying mistake of regifting to the original giver.)

Last Christmas I elevated my regifting to an artform. I have a group of friends with whom I exchange presents, and I announced to them early on my gift would be to bring my regifting box to our little party and let them pick whatever they wanted from it. They loved it!

So, how about you? And there are all sorts of related questions, like: Do you regift used items? (Me? No.) Do you return used items? (Me? I don’t make a habit of it, but yes, I’ve done it with clothes I’ve tried but didn’t like.)

Also, be sure to take the poll!


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