jepsonby Kelli

All I knew about abortion then was that Down’s syndrome is the most common reason for a termination. Even that was something I shuddered to contemplate, because my brother Alastair has Down’s.

And a cleft lip and palate isn’t the same as Down’s. I knew children at my church who’d had the condition, plus the father of a friend and two of my teachers. Probably most of us know of at least one person who’s had corrective surgery, often in early childhood.

I knew I couldn’t let the matter rest. After all, I was in a unique position. Had I been born later, to a different family, that baby aborted at 28 weeks could well have been me.

~ Rev. Joanna Jepson (who was born with congenital deformities), on combatting eugenic abortions in the UK, as quoted by The Daily Mail, February 16

[Photo by Justin Sutcliffe/eyevine, via Daily Mail]

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