Were pro-abortion groups not to sue to block almost every pro-life law passed in the land, there would be no legal expense in defending them.

But pro-abortion groups have brazenly turned their own taxpayer squanderage into an attack against pro-life legislation….


The obvious response is, “So stop suing.”

(Furthermore, since when did abortion groups become tightwads over spending taxpayer money?)

But pro-abortion journo Robin Marty calls such a comeback “ridiculous,” even while admitting this†pro-abortion tactic†that supposedly once worked no longer does:

Introducing unconstitutional abortion restrictions is becoming a regular occurrence for anti-abortion legislatures. Once upon a time, those bills could be stopped by pointing out exactly how much money would be wasted on the never ending legal challenges that the state would be forced to foot the bill for. Now, instead, abortion opponents are blaming abortion rights advocates for wasting taxpayer money because they donít just let the bills go into effect.

What is your response to charges that passing pro-life legislation will hurt the government pocketbook?

[Graphic via Planned Parenthood]

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