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NRLC ups ante and pushes new “Dismemberment Abortion Ban” of 12-wk-old babies


You may have heard of the barbaric medieval practice of drawing and quartering, as described by historian William Harrison in 1557:

The greatest and most grievous punishment used in England for such as offend against the State is drawing from the prison to the place of execution upon an hurdle or sled, where they are hanged till they be half dead, and then taken down, and quartered alive; after that, their members and bowels are cut from their bodies, and thrown into a fire, provided near hand and within their own sight, even for the same purpose.

This is how Scottish leader William Wallace (played by Mel Gibson in Braveheart) was put to death.

And it pretty much describes a Dilatation and Evacuation abortion, wherein the abortionist reaches into the uterus blindly with forceps and starts grabbing and twisting off body parts of a living baby. Click to enlarge…


D&E abortions are committed beginning in the second trimester, when a baby is about 12 weeks gestation post fertilization (14 weeks from date of last menstrual period).

D&Es replace Dilatation and Curettage abortions at this age because babies get too big, and their bones and cartilage too inflexible, to remove by suctioning and scraping.

In 2010, the National Right to Life Committee introduced us to the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which bans abortions of preborn babies from the age of 20 weeks post-fertilization.

Despite last week’s unconscionable retreat by House Republicans from pressing forward with a federal Pain-Capable ban, to date 10 states have enacted it, with four more expected to follow suit this year. (Pain-Capable bans in two additional states are tied up in court and another one has been enjoined.)

Now, NRLC is pressing forward with an abortion ban that would protect even younger babies. Kansas, where Republicans control all three branches of government, will soon become the first state to introduce the Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Act, which Gov. Sam Brownback has promised to sign.

The bill is not yet available online, but NRLC State Legislative Director Mary Balch told me by phone this morning it contains NO rape/incest exception.

Johnson_AnthonyKennedyIt is no secret pro-life groups are in various ways attempting to trigger a lawsuit that lands at the Supreme Court’s door, and in this case NRLC believes the infamous swing voter, Justice Anthony Kennedy (pictured right), would sway our way. From a January 14 NRLC press release:

In his dissent to the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2000 Stenberg v. Carhart decision, Justice Kennedy observed that in D&E dismemberment abortions, “The fetus, in many cases, dies just as a human adult or child would: It bleeds to death as it is torn limb from limb. The fetus can be alive at the beginning of the dismemberment process and can survive for a time while its limbs are being torn off.”

Justice Kennedy added in the Court’s 2007 opinion, Gonzales v. Carhart, which upheld the ban on partial-birth abortion, that D&E abortions are “laden with the power to devalue human life…”

Contrary to Feminist Majority Foundation’s claim, there is another late-term abortion method abortionists could turn to if D&Es are banned: induced labor abortion, of which I am particularly aware.  As of 2009, D&Es accounted for “96% of all second trimester abortions,” according to NRLC, of approximately 100,000 babies who are aborted annually from this age upward.

The fact that abortionists might simply switch procedures disturbs me, of course, although I know the mere title, “Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Act,” is incredibly educational.

But Balch reminded me the induced labor abortion method requires a higher level of expertise, as abortionists testified during the Partial Birth Abortion Ban hearings. It requires the abortionist to give the baby a lethal injection before starting the labor induction by inserting a long needle through the mother’s abdomen that is visualized on ultrasound.

If abortionists don’t kill the baby before starting labor induction, they risk live births, and hopefully Gosnell’s life sentence for killing abortion survivors will dissuade them from risking that.

So, yes, a Dismemberment Ban would stop many babies from being aborted.

And, of course, there is the aforementioned educational component. It was during the “dizzying array,” as Guttmacher termed them, of PBA bans introduced throughout the states and federally during the 1990s that public opinion began to change on abortion…


Balch credits that debate in no small part for the strong pro-life commitment of today’s Millennials, who grew up during those years.

To address concerns of those who would oppose the Dismemberment Ban as “immoral incrementalism,” as opposed to “moral incrementalism” (which they define), Balch responded:

There is not a perfect bill I have worked on – ever. There are always loopholes [JLS note: as I explain here]. The loopholes are not of our making. The loopholes are because abortion is legal in the U.S., and we’re dealing with that fact and trying to work in that reality.

Our job as pro-lifers is to put the baby back in the debate, and imperfect legislation does that. If I could draft perfect legislation there would be no killing. But right now we have an imperfect reality.

So keep an eye out for the next big pro-life conquest: dismemberment abortions, and plan to describe their horrific reality.

BREAKING: Documents show NBA player coerced pregnant girlfriend to abort


Yesterday, MediaTakeOut.com released an abortion contract dating back to 2007 between NBA player J. J. Redick and then-girlfriend Vanessa Lopez.

I’ve had this and other documents related to that abortion for the better part of two weeks but out of concern for Vanessa wanted to make contact with her before going public.

This morning I spoke to a knowledgeable source close to Vanessa, to whom she gave permission to speak to me. Neither Redick’s attorney, agent, or wealth manager have immediately responded to my request for comment.

The contract between Redick and Vanessa is bizarre, outlining an agreement for Lopez to receive $25,000 in return for aborting a baby Redick denied was his if Redick broke off the relationship after her abortion. In addition, once Lopez showed proof she had gotten the abortion, Redick agreed to “maintain a social and/or dating relationship” with her for one year – unless either he or she decided to break it off. Like I said, bizarre.

At the time Redick was 23 years old and a rookie with the Orlando Magic. He now plays for the Los Angeles Clippers. Lopez was 28 and a model.

The contract was signed the morning of September 13, 2007, mere hours before Lopez got her abortion at All Women’s Health Center in Orlando, Florida. In fact, her source told me she had already taken her pre-op Valium when she signed it. I have all the abortion documents, which out of respect for Vanessa I will not post, except this section (click all images to enlarge):


Despite the fact Lopez felt “forced into” the abortion, abortionist Harry Perper, infamous in the pro-life community, went through with it. Lopez was estimated to be between 16-17 weeks along, and since the abortion was started and finished the same day, the second trimester procedure was a D&E. It cost $1,150.

Redick, his attorney, Gregory McNeil, and his wealth manager, Jeff Silverman, knew the contract was a “charade,” and they were crass and sexist about it, particularly given the subject. Emails between them the afternoon before Lopez’s abortion:



The afternoon the abortion was completed, McNeill pushed to get confirmation from Lopez, showing her no regard….


It was at this point things soured. Vanessa never tried to collect the $25,000, and she never heard from Redick again.

Why did Lopez get the abortion? My source: “She got the abortion to save the relationship. She was fairly young, fairly immature, and clearly in love. I do believe she was manipulated by Redick. She told me she wanted to have this baby but he was adamant in his opposition.  She thought if she did what he wanted her to do, he would continue the relationship with her. What self-respecting person would sign such a document? My sense is she was simply operating in an emotional state that precluded her from acting rationally. She had no attorney. She hoped somehow, some way that doing what he wanted her to do would benefit her in the long run.”

Sadly, that did not come to pass. Vanessa began to experience symptoms of post-abortion stress syndrome. She sought professional help. From a September 2008 letter to the court (more on that below) from her doctor:


How I came by these documents takes us a bit into the weeds.

Before she started dating Redick, Lopez had an affair with another NBA player, Shaquille O’Neal, while he was married, in 2004.

alg-shaq-oneal-vanessa-lopez-jpgLong story short, after that relationship deteriorated, Lopez filed a lawsuit against O’Neal for harassment. His attorneys proceeded to portray Lopez as a serial athlete chaser and gold digger who lacked credibility. Part of that strategy was to introduce evidence of past interactions Vanessa had with other athletes, including Redick. They said she lied about her pregnancy to exploit her relationship with Redick.

Lopez’s legal team admitted sealed abortion documents into evidence to prove that she wasn’t lying. Someone either leaked the information, or a court clerk inadvertently released it to TMZ, and perhaps others. I got the documents from a pro-life source in Florida.

There is more to the O’Neal story involving attorney Gloria Allred, but it takes us too far off topic.

“There is no question she has made unwise choices in her life and that she has been opportunistic to some degree and quite selfish in her decision making,” her source honestly told me. “Having said that, I have reached the conclusion that every statement she has made regarding her complaint about O’Neal is factual.”

Lopez never intended for the abortion episode to go public. “Vanessa’s principle desire is to put this in the past,” concluded her source. “To that end I know she would appreciate acknowledgement from Redick and his camp for their cruel treatment of her at a vulnerable time and an apology.”

In conclusion, I’ll once again say: Abortion exploits and hurts women.

Live Action “Inhuman” video #4, Carhart: Preborn babies “like meat in a crock pot”


Today, Live Action released the fourth video in its new investigative series, “Inhuman: Undercover in America’s late-term abortion industry.”

This video features one of the stars of this year’s Sundance Film Festival, late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart.

Today’s video begins a shift in the “Inhuman” conversation from the atrocity of illegal infanticide to the atrocity of legal late-term abortions. As pro-life Democrat Kirsten Powers wrote at The Daily Beast on May 6:

What we need to learn from the Gosnell case is that late-term abortion is infanticide. Legal infanticide. That so many people in the media seem untroubled by the idea that 12 inches in one direction is a “private medical decision” and 12 inches in the other direction causes people to react in horror, should be troubling….

Gosnell is accused of aborting infants past the 24-week limit in Pennsylvania. But those same deaths – if done in utero – would have been perfectly legal in many states….

But medical advances since Roe v. Wade have made it clear to me that late-term abortion is not a moral gray area, and we need to stop pretending it is. No six-months-pregnant woman is picking out names for her “fetus.” It’s a baby. Let’s stop playing Orwellian word games. We are talking about human beings here.

Indeed, the investigator in the Carhart video was 26 weeks pregnant. Carhart told her he couldn’t legally commit her abortion in Nebraska but to head over to his Maryland clinic, where he could. Was it unusual that she was aborting a perfectly healthy 6-mo-old, she asked? No, said Carhart, she was his fourth that week.

Carhart, pictured top left, is infamous for several reasons, most recently in the death of one of his patients, Jennifer Morbelli.

Morbelli’s death amazingly coincidental

In LA’s video Carhart lies to say Morbelli’s death was coincidental (at 8:59 on the video). She may have died the morning after the abortion of her 33-wk-old baby, but her death had nothing to do with the abortion.


The coroner would beg to differ, citing Morbelli’s abortion as a cause of death.

Crock pots, pickaxes, and drill bits

In LA’s video Carhart describes the late-term dilation and evacuation (D&E) abortion procedure in the most vulgar of ways. Explaining that the investigator’s 26-wk-old baby would be “mushy” at the time of delivery due to the fact s/he had been dead for 2 to 3 days, Carhart graphically expounds (beginning at 4:45):

Carhart: It’s like putting meat in a crock pot, okay? It gets softer. It doesn’t get infected or–

Woman: OK, so the dead baby in me is like meat in a crock pot.

Dr. Carhart: Pretty much, yeah, kind of much – in a slow cooker….

Woman: But if we run into trouble … for some reason, I’m not able to deliver, you’ll be able to get it out in pieces.

Carhart: Take it out in pieces…..

Woman: What do you use to break it up? Just–

Dr. Carhart: A whole bunch of–

Woman: You’ve got a toolkit.

Dr. Carhart: A pickaxe, a drill bit, yeah (laughs).

Fingers, friends, and fruit

The classy doctor on sexual activity following an abortion (at 2:15)…

Carhart: And there are no restrictions afterwards. Except for nothing in your vagina for three weeks. As I tell everybody, that includes fingers, friends, and fruit, ok? [laughs]


Do-it-yourself hotel room abortions

If this isn’t cause for an investigation by state regulators in Maryland, I don’t know what is.

After warning the investigator not to call 911 if she senses something amiss in her hotel room, Carhart incredibly states he sets mothers up with self-delivery packs. Completing late-term abortions in hotel rooms must certainly violate all sorts of OSHA and state health and safety laws. And how would hotels like the thought of abortions being completed on their premises? Blood in the bed, babies in toilets, really? Beginning at 7:04 on LA’s video:

Woman: What happens if I deliver at the hotel?

Carhart: Well, we came and helped her clean up the mess, and took the sheets to the clinic, and washed them, and sent her back to the hotel, and she was fine.

Woman: OK, just stay there, or come, we’ll figure this out, OK. But if I do end up going into labor like this woman, you come help clean it up.

Carhart: We’ll come get, yeah, yeah but–

Woman: You’ll take the baby away.

Carhart: Yeah, we’ll come and help.

Woman: OK.

Carhart: We’ll give you, we’ll give everybody a little pack to put stuff in in case it does happen, but as I said–

Woman: A pack?

Carhart: A pack of little drapes and sheets and gloves and all those things, that if you had to do something then you could.

Woman: OK, so if for any reason I did, you’ve given me–

Carhart: You’ve already got the stuff to take care of it.

Woman: A bag to put the baby in, OK.

And so we’ve come full circle, back to the days when women underwent abortions in hotel rooms. How far toward “safe” has abortion come? Not far. This Washington Post photo is of Carhart in a Maryland hotel room with his wife, but it works well with the concept that he is prepared to complete abortions in hotels…


Throwing Tiller under the bus

Another abortion death not Carhart’s fault, he says, was Christin Gilbert’s.

ChristinGilbertGilbert (pictured right) was a 19-yr-old pregnant mother with Down syndrome who died on January 13, 2005, after a 28-week abortion at George Tiller’s clinic in Wichita, Kansas. In the edited LA video (at 2:35), Carhart says she was not his patient. In LA’s raw footage Carhart expounds (at 1:24:25):

Carhart: And the Christin Gilbert thing on the internet was not my patient. I ended up seeing her in the h–

Woman: Who’s Christin Gilbert?

Carhart: Oh if you go on the Internet eventually you’ll find it, she was a 19 year old mentally handicapped girl from Texas that Dr. Tiller had operated on, and she happened to come back to the clinic on a day that I was covering for him, but it was four days after, she had what’s called post-partum HELLP syndrome, which happens very, very–you’ve heard of eclampsia with women–

Woman: Yeah.

Carhart: Pre-eclampsia, eclampsia, well if it happens before delivery the cure is delivery, and it usually is never a problem, but if it happens after delivery, nobody has been cured from it…. But the “Anti’s” just deciding to blame me for it, because Tillers’ dead, why blame him. [laughs]

Tiller was murdered on May 31, 2009. Nice of Carhart to throw his dead friend under the bus. And also to lie about the cause of Gilbert’s death, which the coroner concluded was, “Complications of therapeutic abortion.” Furthermore, to state no mother who develops HELLP syndrome  after delivery “has ever been cured” is ludicrous. In fact, the mortality rate is 1%.

Operation Rescue has much more on the death of Christin Gilbert.

Will America be repulsed by these revelations about Crock Pot Carhart and late-term abortions? Previous “Inhuman” releases showed willingness by personnel at abortion clinics in New York =, in Washington, D.C., and Phoenix, Arizona, to either kill abortion survivors outright, or let them asphyxiate. Can we begin the road back to decency and sanity?

Timeline, Planned Parenthood website point to negligence in death of Tonya Reaves

Kudos to CBS Chicago for investigating the death of Tonya Reaves after her abortion at a Chicago Planned Parenthood (pictured right) on July 20.

The timeline, according to documents the news organization obtained:

11:00a: Reaves had a D&E, or dilation and evacuation abortion procedure, wherein her baby’s body was removed piece by piece

4:30p: Reaves was taken by ambulance to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

5:30p: After an ultrasound, Reaves got another dilation and evacuation abortion at Northwestern for an unspecified reason, likely for either an incomplete abortion or to try to stop the bleeding.

Sometime later: “More problems, and pain” warrant another ultrasound, when a “perforation,” i.e., puncture, apparently of the uterus, was discovered.

10:12p: Reaves was taken back to the operating room, where “an uncontrollable bleed was discovered.”

11:20p: Reaves was pronounced dead in the O.R.

Now, according to Planned Parenthood’s website, two germane items: D&Es take 10-20 minutes, and recovery is “about one hour”…

This means Reaves was kept at Planned Parenthood three to four hours longer than the norm.

This will all come out in court – if Reaves’ family indeed sues, or if they don’t settle out of court and allow documents to be sealed – but it appears obvious Reaves exhibited complications that kept her at the clinic, and Planned Parenthood tried to contain the damage until it got out of control.

I expect that since they both did D&Es, Planned Parenthood and Northwestern will accuse each other of being the ones that perforated Reaves’ uterus, particularly since Northwestern didn’t discover the perforation until after its own D&E.

Northwestern also should anticipate being sued for what looks like a lot of lag time, lax treatment, and a potential missed diagnosis on its part.

Planned Parenthood and Barack Obama both responsible for death of Tonya Reaves

Over the weekend the mainstream media was surprisingly forthcoming in reporting the tragic death of a mother following her second trimester abortion at a Chicago Planned Parenthood, revealing her name, age, and the name of her surviving son. Also sad was news that she had an identical twin. From CBS Chicago:

Tonya Reaves, 24, died late Friday night from a hemorrhage, with a cervical dilation and evacuation, as well as an intrauterine pregnancy as contributing causes, according to the medical examiner’s office.

She died after she’d had an abortion at Planned Parenthood at 18 S. Michigan Av, according to the medical examiner’s office.

Her death was ruled an accident, but the Reaves family wants to know more, especially Tonya’s twin sister Toni.

“We were born the same day. She was my other half,” Toni said….

Toni Reaves said her sister was engaged to be married and had one son – Alvin – who just had his first birthday.

The Daily Mail went so far as to (sort of) describe the type of abortion procedure Reaves underwent:

A dilation and evacuation procedure usually takes place during the second trimester of a pregnancy and involves the removal of tissue from the uterus using various devices.

The only fact glaringly missing from any news report was the name of the abortionist who killed Reaves.

Was Reaves a victim?

It must be said that most aborting mothers know they are murdering their babies, particularly those like Reaves who had already borne a child.

But giving Reaves the benefit of the doubt, there were many contributing factors that led to her death aside from the obvious, none of which were her fault.

Reaves was a victim in the sense she was lulled by liberals into thinking the abortion procedure is not dangerous. She was the victim of a state that regulates nail salons more than abortion mills. She was the victim of a black culture that has completely lost any sense of sexual morality and healthy family structure, with 72% of black children now born out of wedlock, up from 24% at the beginning of the sexual revolution in the 1960s. Reaves was likely a victim of comprehensive sexual education that gives a false sense of trust in contraceptives. Reaves may have also been a victim of “counseling” that told her the fully formed baby inside her was a blob of tissue.

Barack Obama’s protection of Planned Parenthood

And then there is Barack Obama, who inexcusably continues to herald, protect, and fund Planned Parenthood in the face of the worst revelations about its underbelly in its 96 year history.

We now know Planned Parenthood will freely commit sex-selection abortions, race-based abortions, and clandestine underage abortions. It will aid and abet sex traffickers. It will commit Medicaid fraud. It gives women false and/or incomplete information about developing children and the abortion procedure. It dispenses RU486 contrary to FDA guidelines. On and on.

People ask me all the time why I think Obama is so loyal to Planned Parenthood.

And I used to say it was some sort of combination of ideology and politics.

But as more evidence indicting Planned Parenthood mounts, along with increasing attempts by various states to defund it, the more I think Obama’s ties to the abortion giant extend beyond the obvious.

It is hard to get inside the head of a man who is such a fanatic he thinks infanticide should be legal if it would otherwise hinder abortion. Suffice it to say Obama is a 110% ideologue.

And it is true that one of Obama’s staunchest political allies in terms of campaign donations and getting out the vote is the abortion industry.

But at some point, as evidence against Planned Parenthood reaches the tipping point, it would make political sense for Obama to back away.

Yet it seems that Obama’s support of PP only grows more resolute. As recently as this month Obama promoted Planned Parenthood in a campaign ad…

YouTube Preview Image

It seems to me there is something more to the relationship between Obama and Planned Parenthood than meets the eye. Mark my words.

It is ironic that Tonya Reaves was killed at a Planned Parenthood in Barack Obama’s backyard. His propping of Planned Parenthood to such an extraordinary extent in his position as president definitely qualifies him as an enabler. Both legislators and the press should be calling him out.

Pro-life news brief 7-23-12

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • In England, Sarah Catt has pled guilty to administering poison with intent to procure a miscarriage after buying misoprostol (the second drug used in RU-486 abortions) online and allegedly taking it within a week of her due date.
  • In Indiana, a woman has been arrested for helping to kill her grandchild and cover up her son’s crimes. Kacy Heath allegedly helped transport a 15-year-old girl to Granite City, Illinois for an abortion after her 21-year-old son impregnated the teen:

    Heath… is accused of paying for the abortion and furnishing identification for the girl so she could have the abortion.

    Police said [Heath’s son Steven] King was arrested in April for sexual misconduct with the girl and is held on bond in the Gibson County Jail.

  • 24-year-old Tonya Reaves (pictured left) from Chicago is dead after having an abortion at Planned Parenthood:

    Tonya Reaves died Friday after she began to hemorrhage, according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office. Her death was ruled an accident.

    The pregnancy and “cervical dilation and evacuation,” which is a technical term for abortion, that she received at the Planned Parenthood clinic, 18 S. Michigan Ave. were listed as contributing factors in her death.

    The victim’s twin sister told WBBM Newsradio that her family is demanding answers.

    “It happened so fast,” said Toni Reaves. “She was just fine one day – and then the next day she was gone. We’re just trying to figure out what happened.”

    Tonya’s death leaves her 1-year-old son without a mother. Planned Parenthood couldn’t issue a statement of condolences without a note from their PR department.

  • [Photo via Daily Mail]

Stanek weekend question: What to say to mother who photographed her abortion?

Son-in-law Andy Moore forwarded me a link to thisismyabortion.com.

A mother using the pseudonym “Jane” took secret photos with her cell phone of her aborted baby and posted them online.

Jane’s rationale:

My intention in documenting and sharing my abortion is to demystify the sensationalist images propagated by the religious and political right on this matter. The perverse use of lifeless fetus photographs are a propaganda tool in the prolife/prochoice debate in which women and their bodies are used as pawns to push a cultural, political, and religious agenda in the United States.

At 6 weeks of pregnancy, my abortion looked very different than the images I saw when I entered the clinic that day.

Yes, a young baby murdered by suction abortion will look very different than an older baby murdered by a D&C, RU-486, D&E, or induced labor abortion.

So what? I am still overwhelmed with sadness looking at that jar of bloody pulp. Jane’s dead baby is in there, even if unrecognizable, and Jane had the great idea to “document” the murder. Both the visual and the thought are hard to bear.

The comments are hard to bear, too. Jane is being called “brave… incredible… thoughtful… helpful… an amazing chica… incredibly courageous,” etc., all for posting photographs of the baby she just murdered.

When asked in an interview whether she thought she would ever regret either her abortion or her decision to photograph the remains of her baby, Jane responded, “So far, I have not regretted having my abortion or sharing these photographs. I don’t think that I will.”

I’m not sure anything a pro-lifer has to say will get through to Jane at this point, but we can try. What would you like to say to her? What would you like to say to all those giving her kudos?

Congressman: Ironic that federal law protects animals more than unborn humans

The criminal code of the District of Columbia, Section 22-1001, prohibits cruelty to animals….

This statute explicitly covers “all living and sentient creatures, human beings excepted,” if a prosecutor can prove “serious bodily injury,” or if a prosecutor can prove “to an animal or indifference to animal life, that a single offense can be punished by up to five years in prison or a fine not to exceed $25,000 or both.”

A serious bodily injury includes among other things the infliction of  “extreme physical pain or mutilation or broken bones or severe lacerations.”

Now I heard your vivid description of the D&E abortion method, which I’m told is the most frequent method used for abortion after 20 weeks, and it seems clear that it follows this description of mutilating, breaking bones, lacerating, and worse, and we’ve heard very convincing evidence pain that it would inflict “extreme physical pain.

Now that fits all the criteria. I find it tremendous – I don’t even want to use the word irony – just a break from human compassion, that while we would do the right thing and prevent those things from happening… to animals, but not to human babies.

~ Arizona Congressman Trent Franks, sponsor of HR 3803, the District of Columbia Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, in a subcommittee hearing on the bill, May 17

[HT: David D. at LiveAction.org]