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Gingrich backpedals: Life begins at fertilization

Gingrich fertilizationYesterday the Gingrich campaign sent further clarification to pro-life bloggers and reporters (not me, I’m now off their dance card; such is the heartbreak of being bad cop) that when he clarified over the weekend he believes “human life begins at conception,” he meant “at the moment of fertilization.”

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Planned Parenthood’s bad rap is all our fault

Last week pro-lifers with the Sacramento 40 Days for Life got wind that the local Planned Parenthood was holding a fundraiser at the local Chili’s and succeeded in shutting the event down.

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The stigma of being “the abortion girl”

Noting this was “a glimpse into the heart of a self-conscious abortion worker,” Lila Rose of LiveAction.org forwarded a link last night to the following post at The Abortioneers blog. Lila added, “Pray for this woman and the many like her. It is strange – she seems to know what she does.”

This worker’s feelings demonstrate abortion is only becoming more stigmatized over time, not less, as would be expected. After 38 years of legalization, people should be used to abortion, right?

Wrong. Only 2 days ago Gallup released poll findings showing abortion has moved up to the #2 spot (from #3 last year) as the most controversial culture issue in America. And by a wide margin. More of us, the majority of us, actually (51%), consider abortion “morally wrong” than “morally acceptable” (39%).

This girl had the added stigma of working at a Planned Parenthood clinic, whose brand has toileted in recent years, thanks mostly to Lila and the Live Action team.

The entire post is worth a read. Here’s an excerpt:

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Video: The irrational perspective of a woman being escorted for an abortion

A guest poster at the pro-abortion blog EverySaturdayMorning described an interesting school project: Having a friend pose as a pregnant mother and film being escorted through a large pro-life crowd at the EMW Women’s Center in Louisville, KY.

I’ve written about this particular abortion mill many times, most recently after LiveAction.org released an undercover video showing staff there willing to cover up underage rape.

When you watch the video you will see the pro-life sidewalk counselors and activists were all kind, compassionate, and helpful. That is not a surprise.

What is shocking is how the poser described the pro-lifers afterward. Even after having documented on film how the pro-lifers really behaved, she was completely off-base.

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Planned Parenthood of IL tries to scrub claim that mandatory child sex abuse reporting would overtax the system

Planned Parenthood of Illinois is opposing a bill that would require its nonmedical staff to report suspected child sex abuse. HB 2093, if passed, would compel office personnel and volunteers to also be mandated reporters along with medical staff (not that they ever did).

Incredibly, PP of IL opposes HB 2093 because it claims forcing all staff to report suspected child sex abuse would overtax the system. This will have to go down in the annals as PP’s worst talking point ever, particularly given PP’s recent “waist up” fiasco. PP belatedly agrees and has just scrubbed the wincer from its website.  Not to worry, LiveAction.org saved a screenshot. Here’s the money line IL PP attempted to delete. Click to enlarge…

Not only did IL PP take lots of heat externally for admitting it must know of an awful lot of child sex abuse, it must have caused quite a bit of dissension among pro-abort ranks. On March 9 Dan McConchie of Americans United for Life reported something pretty amazing at LifeSiteNews.com. That is that the IL NARAL affiliate, IL Choice Action Team, reversed itself on its opposition to HB 2093. Here’s that email. Click to enlarge…

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Defund Planned Parenthood: Pro-life video PSAs

Here are 3 great pro-life PSAs to forward to your email lists and post on Facebook to educate about defunding Planned Parenthood.

This first one is by CatholicVote.org, actually just using the (nasty, self-centered, sometimes ignorant) words of PP supporters to make our case…

YouTube Preview Image

The next one is by LiveAction.org, with voiceover by Lila Rose

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NPR fact checks, debunks Planned Parenthood’s “3% of all services are for abortion” lie

Perhaps James O’Keefe’s release yesterday of damaging investigative videos against National Public Radio (read more here, here, and here) had nothing to do with it.

Or perhaps a desperate NPR is suddenly trying to appear more fair and balanced in the face of potentially losing $90 million in taxpayer funding. You decide.

One day NPR journalists promote Planned Parenthood’s “only 3% of  our business comes from abortion” lie – the day before the sting video was released – and the next day they fact check and correct the lie. First the Day 1 transcript, on March 7:

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Calling pro-lifers: Defeat Planned Parenthood’s shallow attempt to upstage SBA List/Lila Rose’s defunding bus tour

For some time the Susan B. Anthony List and Lila Rose of LiveAction.org have been planning a 4-day, 7-state, 11-city “Women speak out: defund Planned Parenthood” bus tour, beginning TODAY with stops in Iowa and Illinois.

Their audacity never failing to amaze, Planned Parenthood leaders revealed yesterday that they, too, are planning a hot pink bus tour to 7 of the same stops, on the same days – 1/2 hour before SBA List and Lila are scheduled to begin their rallies….

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