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Planned Parenthood of IL tries to scrub claim that mandatory child sex abuse reporting would overtax the system

Planned Parenthood of Illinois is opposing a bill that would require its nonmedical staff to report suspected child sex abuse. HB 2093, if passed, would compel office personnel and volunteers to also be mandated reporters along with medical staff (not that they ever did).

Incredibly, PP of IL opposes HB 2093 because it claims forcing all staff to report suspected child sex abuse would overtax the system. This will have to go down in the annals as PP’s worst talking point ever, particularly given PP’s recent “waist up” fiasco. PP belatedly agrees and has just scrubbed the wincer from its website.  Not to worry, LiveAction.org saved a screenshot. Here’s the money line IL PP attempted to delete. Click to enlarge…

Not only did IL PP take lots of heat externally for admitting it must know of an awful lot of child sex abuse, it must have caused quite a bit of dissension among pro-abort ranks. On March 9 Dan McConchie of Americans United for Life reported something pretty amazing at LifeSiteNews.com. That is that the IL NARAL affiliate, IL Choice Action Team, reversed itself on its opposition to HB 2093. Here’s that email. Click to enlarge…

And if there’s any doubt that IL PPs are fully aware that child sex abuse victims walk through their doors, be sure to listen to audiotapes recorded secretly in 2002 by Life Dynamics showing all 12 IL PPs were willing to cover up child statutory rape.

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