pelosi ring.jpgThis morning at 9:30a EST the Pope will celebrate Mass at the new Nationals Park baseball stadium in DC before an expected crowd of 45,000+.
That crowd will include notorious Catholic pro-abort politicians, including Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry.
And they plan to receive communion.
Reported the Associated Press last night…

Catholic members of Congress who publicly support the right to abortion will trek to Nationals Park Thursday for a Mass celebrated by a pope who has said such lawmakers should not receive Communion.
Leading these lawmakers, some of whom have repeatedly complained about remarks by Pope Benedict XVI and a few bishops on the subject, will be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the government’s highest-ranking Catholic and a supporter of abortion rights….
S]he bent to kiss his ring at the White House Wednesday… and later she spoke glowingly on the House floor about his commitment to truth, justice and freedom….

And yes, her spokesman said, she intends to receive Communion from one of the 300 priests and lay ministers who will offer it….

Meanwhile, American Life League, plans to document the breaches:

Pro-abortion politicians attempting to receive Holy Communion at the papal Masses in New York and Washington, D.C. will be photographed in an effort spearheaded by American Life League.
“Organizations such as Catholics for a Free Choice and the so-called Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have tried time and time again to politicize the Eucharist and ALL is saying ‘enough!'” said Judie Brown, president of ALL. “We’re asking our bishops and priests to be extraordinarily vigilant in defending the Eucharist.”…
[S]aid Brown… “This is no small matter, and we have full faith that Pope Benedict XVI will make clear that any unrepentant person who facilitates, promotes, obtains or assists in an abortion is not fit to receive the body and blood of Christ.”

Don’t forget Pelosi was one of 48 Catholic members of Congress who in 2004 had the gall to write the Pope a complaint letter about about this abortion business. It read, as quoted by the AP:

If Catholic legislators are scorned and held out for ridicule by Church leaders on the basis of a single issue, the Church will lose strong advocates on a wide range of issues that relate to the core of important Catholic social teaching…. Moreover, criticism of us on a matter that is essentially one of personal morality will deter other Catholics from entering politics, and in the long run the Church will suffer.

I can’t imagine what will go through Pelosi’s head as she stands in line to receive communion, as she finally stands before the priest her people have certainly hand-picked beforehand they know will not turn her away. She won’t go to Cardinal Archbishop Burke, that’s for sure.
kerry communion.jpgI imagine the hand-picked priest will think he’s extending some sort of grace to Pelosi.
He’s mistaken. Clearly Pelosi’s heart is so hardened, he will do her no favor today by continuing to indulge this gravest violation of her faith. These indulgences have only emboldened Pelosi, Kerry, Kennedy, Durbin, etc., and now new Catholic politicians who see the continued placations and think they don’t have to “choose” between their faith and abortion.
And by not turning her away, he will not only aid in the destruction of her soul, he will become complicit with her direct influence in the killing of babies.
I’m not even Catholic, and I get all this.
[HT: friend Ed; photo of Pelosi courtesy of the Associated Press; photo of John Kerry taking communion in 2004 also courtesy of AP]

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