Happy Mother’s Day” greetings from Planned Parenthood are as grotesque as its “Choice on EarthChristmas greetings.
Today PP CEO Cecile Richards issued an email plea for $ under the guise of a Mother’s Day greeting and using her dead mother and daughter as props.
This pathetic woman is so psychologically and emotionally invested in abortion she has no semblance of a conscience left. If and when she has grandchildren, I’m sure she’ll use them, too.
Note the numerous purposeful times she – or, rather, PP’s pr firm – invokes the words “mother,” “daughter,” and “grandmother.”
“Legacy”? What legacy? Pro-aborts can leave no legacy, another reason we can undoubtedly know our side will eventually win – through attrition.
cecile mother's day.jpg
[HT: John Jansen from Pro-Life Action League]