(UPDATE, 5-21, 2:30a: Also see Obama: “Lay off my wife”.)

In February 2004, Michelle Obama wrote a fundraising letter during her husband’s 2004 US Senate campaign claiming the partial birth abortion ban “is clearly unconstitutional” and “a flawed law.”

I’d like to ask Michelle to explain her legal opinion about this law the Supremes went on to declare constitutional. I’d like to ask Michelle how in the world she could in good conscience raise money from fear-mongering about this barbaric abortion procedure.

But Barack, bristling at a TN GOP ad taking Michelle to task for her “for the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country” line, has issued a warning to “lay off my wife.” As a commenter on another blog wrote, “‘Free speech for me but not for thee'” – A typical leftwing position. Don’t get in the ring if you don’t intend to fight.”

So it’s fine to kill late-term babies, but we can’t risk hurting Michelle’s feelings about it. Click to enlarge the partial birth abortion fundraising letter:

Partial birth abortion fundraising letter

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