(UPDATE, 5-21, 2:30a: I’ve separated this post into 2, spotlighting Michelle Obama’s fear-mongering fundraising letter here that leeched off the partial birth abortion ban so it wouldn’t get buried.)
Michelle Obama has been speaking on her husband’s behalf for years, interjecting her own ideologies along the way. That’s fine.
But it’s not fine to suddenly declare her untouchable, as Barack Obama attempted yesterday on Good Morning America, when complaining about an ad the TN GOP is airing that repeats back Michelle’s own anti-American words. Here’s the GMA clip:

Michelle can say whatever she wants unchallenged? I thought Barack and Michelle were feminists? Does Barack not think Michelle equipped to debate issues she espouses? Where are the feminist groups decrying Obama as sexist for trying to shield his Harvard-educated attorney wife, as if she is too weak to defend herself?…

Speaking of Harvard, Michelle wrote a fundraising letter during her husband’s 2004 US Senate campaign claiming the partial birth abortion ban “is clearly unconstitutional” and “a flawed law.”
I’d like to ask Michelle to explain her legal opinion about this law the Supremes went on to declare constitutional. I’d like to ask Michelle how in the world she could in good conscience raise money from fear-mongering about this barbaric abortion procedure.
But Barack apparently thinks I might make Michelle cry. It’s fine to kill late-term babies, but we can’t risk hurting Michelle’s feelings about it. Click to enlarge:
Slide 1 michelle obama pba letter.jpgSlide 2 michelle obama pba letter.jpg

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