On April 24, KS pro-life U.S. Sens. Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts issued a press release endorsing Steve Howe for Johnson County district attorney.
The release called the position an “open seat.”

brownback kline howe.jpg

It is not.
Phill Kline is currently the appointed district attorney and has been urged to reconsider his decision not to run to retain his seat in November….
Kline is the only DA in the country with a pending criminal case against a Planned
Brownback knows pro-lifers are encouraging Kline to stay… because many influential pro-lifers called him and asked him to wait for Kline to decide before endorsing. There was no hurry. The filing deadline is still over a month away….
But Brownback… endorsed Howe anyway….
The question is whose help does Brownback want?
RINOS and hacks want the Planned Parenthood investigation ended. They fear a run by Kline will stir more Democrats to vote than might otherwise.
They also consider the Johnson County DA position a launching pad to a bigger and better thing: The AG’s office.
Was Brownback enticed to support Howe for a promise of support in his gubernatorial bid by non-conservative Republicans?
Or perhaps he fears sharing the ticket with Kline in 2010?
Last Thursday a group of Kansas pro-life leaders paid Brownback a surprise visit in his
Washington, D.C., office….

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