First, an update on the Roderick King video. Due to racist comments it was garnering on YouTube, posters disabled comments and either intentionally or unintentionally privatized it, meaning embeds don’t currently work. Students for Life is trying to correct that. For now the video can only be viewed on YouTube.
roderick catholic.jpgMoving on, reader Milissa has corresponded with University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point official Stephen Ward about the email Student Government Association Sen. Claire Smith wrote that I posted last week. In it she blamed pro-lifers for sophomore Roderick King’s temper tantrum against small crosses commemorating aborted babies.
Ward responded with the news that King is out as SGA senator. But both Milissa and I have read Ward’s email several times and are unclear on what happened. What is clear…

1. The SGA rules committee voted to oust King.
2. The full senate argued on “further sanctions” against King but adjourned for the school year before a 2nd hearing could be held, so it made no final decision.
3. New senate leaders may rehash the matter before the school year ends.
4. Meanwhile King did not seek re-election.

So was King ousted, or did a committee just vote to kick him out while the full senate did not seal the deal? And what further sanctions could SGA impose?
I also thought Ward’s last paragraph drawing in “local law enforcement” as one possible King discipliner was interesting. I’ve maintained all along King broke the law, and both pro-lifers and the university should prosecute. Hope they do.
The incident made the Washington Times yesterday.
roderick discpline.jpg
[Photo courtesy of the Catholic News Agency]