weekend question.jpgToday is Protest the Pill Day ’08: The Pill Kills Babies. It marks the 43rd anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Griswold vs. Connecticut decision that freed Planned Parenthood exec Estelle Griswold to peddle birth control pills legally she had been peddling illegally. And the rest is history. We can certainly look back over the past 4 decades and see the number of “unwanted” children conceived has dropped, right?
Since that time the contraception/abortion industry has engaged in a cover-up to keep women ignorant about the fact the bc pill may abort 5- to 9-day old preborn children by making the uterus impermeable to their attachment.
Several supposedly feminist writers have taken offense to my WND column this week publicizing The Pill Kills Day….

Blogger phlebotnum showcased her “liberal lady brain[]” by writing:

Jill Stanek is really concerned about all the poor, misinformed women out there who use the pill…. Why? Because our liberal lady brains can’t seem to understand that fertilization is equal to implantation in the womb. Except that it totally isn’t the same thing at all. The Pill prevents pregnancy; it does not terminate it.

Chris at the People for the American Way blog displayed typical liberal understanding of capitalism by adding:
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Apparently, this information has been suppressed, because “if women knew, some would feel morally obligated to refuse that contraceptive option. And that would mess up lucrative birth control pill sales, which nets pro-aborts hundreds of millions of dollars a year, as well as abortion sales from failed birth control pills.” And they call us the ones with the conspiracy theories.

And closed Jill at Feministe, after joyfully jesting my column about informed consent:

Lesson learned: Even reading anti-choice columns will turn you into a moron.

The Capitol Fax blog even converted my column into a question of the day:

Will a protest like this alienate pro-life activists from the “center,” or will it serve a useful purpose for their cause? Explain.

This is a good question, because fear of “alientat[ion]… from the ‘center'” is I think part of the reason many pro-life organizations do not take this issue on.
So I’ll ask the same question.

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