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  • The crazy pro-choice letter of the week award goes to Jovan Byars of Williston, SC. In the Augusta Chronicle, Byars makes a number of claims against National Right to Life Committee including claiming they “constantly opposed expanding state CHIP programs,” failed “to condemn terrorist attacks on women’s health clinics,” “sat idly by as groups allied with the NRLC commit acts of terrorism again and again,” “they have only condoned those attacks again and again,” and “this past June 7, they were terrorizing women again, by lying about the birth control pills and their functions.”…

    Before printing a letter like this, one would hope the editors of the Augusta Chronicle would ask Byars for some evidence to back up her statements, especially considering a minute on Google would have led them to discover the American Life League (not NRLC) was the group behind the June 7 birth control pill protests, NRLC has clearly spoken out against violence and NRLC has opposed amendments to SCHIP programs which might have led to rationing Medicare.
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  • Brave New Britain strikes again. First, human-cow hybrid embryos and now researchers have been given the go ahead to try to create human-pig hybrid embryos.
  • The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CA’s taxpayer supported embryonic stem cell agency) is already trying to figure out how they continue running after their $3 billion in funding runs out in 2017. One of their options is trying to get more public support.
    [“Web grab” graphic courtesy of Times Online; human pig graphic courtesy of cracked.com]

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