Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgWatch C-SPAN between 6-7p* EST tonight.
When the U.S. House completes business, Rep. Chris Smith will host a 1-hour Pro-life Special Order in the House of Representatives.
During this time House members will speak on the subject of taxpayer subsidies for the abortion industry and what their constituents are unknowingly supporting when millions of tax dollars are funneled to organizations like Planned Parenthood.
What is Special Order?
The first 2 hours at the end of legislative business each day are reserved for Republican and Democrat leadership for Special Order business. Tonight the Republican leadership has given its hour to Smith and others to speak for the unborn. It was kept quiet until now to ward off PP types from crashing the event.
*The Special Order should start very soon after the last series of votes. The timing cannot be predicted exactly but will begin sometime between 6 and 7 pm.

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