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The Oakland Co., MI, Prosecutor’s Office has issued a 12-count warrant against our favorite dumpster abortionist, Alberto Hodari, for “improperly disposing of medical records,” according to Freep.com, which adds…

The case against WomanCare… stems from a March incident in which patient records were discovered in a Dumpster behind the facility…. The clinic came under scrutiny after an anti-abortion group reportedly found body parts of fetuses, other medical waste and the records in the trash bins.
An arraignment date has not yet been set…. Dr. A. Alberto Hodari, who owns the clinic and who would have to appear in court, said today that he was not aware of the charges….
“I never received anything about being charged,” Hodari said. “I don’t have anything yet.”…
Sgt. Vincent Lynch said that up to 50 patients could be identified in medical records… and included personal information and the types of procedures performed.

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In addition to the medical records, the clinic was accused of improperly disposing of medical waste by the MI Department of Environmental Quality. In March… including blood-soaked gauze and surgical drapes, in regular trash bags and then putting them in the trash bin…
The MDEQ decided not to fine the clinic after conducting a follow-up inspection. The state found that the clinic had put procedures in place to ensure medical waste was put into biohazard bags and that employees used proper disposal practices.

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