Hodari to be arraigned on 12 counts

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The Oakland Co., MI, Prosecutor’s Office has issued a 12-count warrant against our favorite dumpster abortionist, Alberto Hodari, for “improperly disposing of medical records,” according to Freep.com, which adds…

The case against WomanCare… stems from a March incident in which patient records were discovered in a Dumpster behind the facility…. The clinic came under scrutiny after an anti-abortion group reportedly found body parts of fetuses, other medical waste and the records in the trash bins.
An arraignment date has not yet been set…. Dr. A. Alberto Hodari, who owns the clinic and who would have to appear in court, said today that he was not aware of the charges….
“I never received anything about being charged,” Hodari said. “I don’t have anything yet.”…
Sgt. Vincent Lynch said that up to 50 patients could be identified in medical records… and included personal information and the types of procedures performed.

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In addition to the medical records, the clinic was accused of improperly disposing of medical waste by the MI Department of Environmental Quality. In March… including blood-soaked gauze and surgical drapes, in regular trash bags and then putting them in the trash bin…
The MDEQ decided not to fine the clinic after conducting a follow-up inspection. The state found that the clinic had put procedures in place to ensure medical waste was put into biohazard bags and that employees used proper disposal practices.

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  1. Allow me to be the first to comment…

    Nah nah nah nah nah nah…

    Big Bully! Take that! and that!

    *POW* #BANG# *ZAP*


  2. was that immature?
    Posted by: mk at August 21, 2008 7:28 PM

  3. okay MK!
    he can’t dump medical records, but he CAN dump dead babies…..

    Just had to rain on my parade didncha?
    I guess I was just celebrating that he was in trouble…dang.

  4. Jill,
    I know you’re dedicating significant space to Obama. Do you think it timely or maybe untimely, to repost certain ‘for real’ abortions? I’m thinking of the actual abortion of a late term fetus that was televised in Spain recently and the 20th Anniversary of “Abortion Clinic” from PBS.
    Why? For so many folks, the past week has been the first time that they have heard about this Obamanation with the Unborn, so they’re flooding your blog, no doubt. I see it as an opportunity to offer your viewers more truth, if they so choose.
    Of course, you’ve got the bigger picture, it’s only a suggestion.
    You’re doing awesome.

  5. Oh yeah, like this is going to make a big difference to Dr. Hodari (sarcasm).
    At most a small fine.
    Posted by: SoMG at August 22, 2008 2:51 AM
    OK? so maybe Mr. Abortionist should just plead guilty, pay the fine, and get back to work? Could it be that simple?

  6. PiP, that is so awesome. I would love to be able to follow you around. It could have such amazing socio-psychological implications. I’d love to see your final product.

  7. “have you given up the smoking and relentless drinking? ”
    LOL I know it’s hard to curb those habits sometimes…
    “I’d love to see your final product.”
    Although none of this is on tape, I have noticed that the SLU support staff (janitors, cafeteria workers etc) have been REALLY awesome, asked me how I was doing, and being genuinely happy for me. The faculty that know me have been having initial freakouts (I’m like the least likely person to get pregnant lol) and then upon finding out about my project have been really interested in it. Welcome week brings lots of parents, and I get a lot of the “I’m trying not to stare” looks. One of my co-horts in the faculty predicted these sort of reactions–I’m impressed, but he has been working on the issue longer than I and probably has more experience. Interesting how socio-economical status corresponds.
    HAHA today I was bending over a table writing a note in the bio department…this a-hole teacher (known for his a-holeness) was walking behind me, when I saw him walking past I just looked up in his general direction and saw his head WHIP around towards the front, nose high in the air, pretending he wasn’t staring XP

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