Funeral for Hodari’s babies

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From the Citizens for a Pro-Life Society website:

On Saturday, May 3, over 300 mourners gathered at St. Gerald’s Church in Farmington, MI, for the funeral Mass to pay their respects to 23 victims of abortion killed at the Woman Care abortion clinics in Lathrup Village and Sterling Heights – owned and operated by abortionist Alberto Hodari….

(See more photos on page 2.)

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Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit, John Quinn, offered the funeral Mass. Con-celebrants included the chancellor for the Archdiocese of Detroit, Msgr. Robert McClory as well as Father Ronald Browne, pastor of St. Gerald’s.

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Pro-lifers, including mmebers of Citizens for a Pro-life Society, retrieved the babies on February 24 and March 2 – amid biohazardous watse and numerous patient records.
Those who live according to the ethics of the culture of death threw these human beings in the trash – after killing them in violent acts of abortion. The human being made in the image and likeness of God had no more value or meaning than the coffee grounds and half eaten McDonald’s hamburgers – thrown out in the garbage dumpster.

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When pro-lifers took them out of the trash they were given back to God the Father who made them – reversing in some small way, the horrific injustice done to them.
The babies truly can say: “The reason why the world does not know us–is that it never knew HIM. We are God’s children now” (1 John 3: 1-2).

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[T]he Hodari Babies [are] buried… at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Southfield, MI, Cemetery Section 71.

The Michigan Catholic has posted an in-depth article today with more photos.
[HT: Milissa of Catholic Pro-life Committee, who 1st discovered these babies, mentioned in the MC article]

43 thoughts on “Funeral for Hodari’s babies”

  1. God bless every mourner there that day.
    At least someone showed respect for medical waste.

  2. It is not uncommon for small children, especially siblings, to be buried in the same coffin.

  3. Edyt,
    Please take your sarcastic attempt at humor and leave this thread. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  4. I stand with those that have honored these babies with a beautiful service. I am so grateful to the 300 people that attended and gave these precious little ones the respect and dignity they deserve.

  5. Thanks Carla,
    That’s what this thread should be all about. Showing respect for these little ones. I too am grateful to all who attended and showed their care and concern for these babies.

  6. The complete article about the funeral story can be found on the Diocese of Detroit’s website to which Jill provided a link. It’s a very comprehensive website. A good model for other dioceses to follow. (hint, hint…)

  7. Edyt:
    In deference and repsect to Sandy’s request I will not respond to your question unless you have the decency to apologize.

  8. That’s okay, HisMan. I know you don’t know much about Wicca. No need for you to answer the question.

  9. Edyt,
    Hey, look at this guy! They won’t even need a coffin. They can just stick him in that bowl…

    I hope that horrified you as much as it did me. You may not agree with how we feel, but I would think you could at least respect that we feel that way. You might think that we are fools and look like idiots for crying over these little ones, but that comment that you made? Well, it made you look as cruel, crass, and insensitive as the comment I just made about the starving man in the above picture.
    We view each and every one of these unborn children as human beings, and your remarks cut us to the bone. An apology is definitely in order. No one is saying that you have to feel the same way we do, just that you need to show some consideration…
    To us, souls don’t enter bodies. This is why the body and when it becomes a person don’t matter to us. To us, bodies are chosen by the soul. The soul is alive long before the body and you have just totally disrespected a soul, whether you recognize their body or not.

  10. Oh MK
    That picture just breaks my heart. I can’t imagine what the mother must be feeling.

  11. “What, they didn’t deserve 23 coffins? Are they not people too?”
    I’ll overlook the tackiness of that question and maybe try to answer it.
    Heard of mass graves? So many bodies, but not enough space.
    Chances are this was a donated coffin, although it doesn’t look like a traditional coffin, but who knows? I would guess the cemetery plot was donated too.
    Now, if Hodari was willing, HE could pay for the individual coffins, maybe sell one of his vintage cars to foot the bill. But that would be asking too much.
    On a higher level, one coffin for these little ones seems appropriate. They were, after all, in their predicament together.

  12. As for ALL of this lunatic Edyt’s comments, just do what I do when I read them:

  13. “Eat the grass for crying out loud :
    Posted by: truthseeker at May 9, 2008 9:15 PM”
    How the hell is that different from Edyt’s comment?
    I can only thing of one way off the top of my head – its even more sarcastic and unnecessary, oh, and heartless too. SO pro-life.

  14. “Eat the grass for crying out loud :
    Posted by: truthseeker at May 9, 2008 9:15 PM”
    I thought it was an appropriate emotional response to the picture. Why were you offended?
    There may be a reason they can’t eat the grass, for example, maybe there are parasites in the soil from animals defecating. It’s an interesting question.

  15. There are dozens of parasites you can get from simply walking barefoot on the soil in Africa, let alone eating the grass.
    Can you see something common here? Edyt asked a legitimate question in a sarcastic tone, and so did Truthseekeer. But its okay for him because he’s “pro life”. I get it now.

  16. Seems like a good idea. How is that sarcastic Amanda? I really don’t think you get it yet.

  17. Amanda, there is a big difference between sarcasm and not knowing about “soil-transmitted helminths in Africa.” I don’t post sarcasm, at least not very often cause I always try NOT to. I don’t like it. You should know that if you follow my posts at all. I challenge you to find sarcasm in my posts. But keep an eye out cause some day I might and then you can jump on it with your…. “AH HAH, now I get it”.

  18. He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God.

  19. Amanda:
    Maybe we could add parts of your comment to the unborn babies gravesite:
    “So heartless, and so proabortion”
    That’s the reason there’s a gravesite at all.
    If the babies parents hadn’t chose death, the children would all be walking on top of the grass today, running, playing and laughing.
    Does anyone know what the gravemarker will say?

  20. There are dozens of parasites you can get from simply walking barefoot on the soil in Africa, let alone eating the grass.
    Very true. However, I once heard that if you boil something in water vigorously for at least two minutes, parasites and microorganisms die!

  21. @JLM: Not necessarily. There are many parasites (especially those in their cyst form) that are very heat stable and can survive high temperatures, including boiling.

  22. On another topic, does anyone know what happened to the Priests for Life website? It has simply disappeared.

  23. Well I was trying not to get all technical, but you all already know what a nerd I am when it comes to this stuff anyway, so why not.
    When you see a picture of someone like that, someone who is still alive, you have to distinguish between starvation and malnourishment. Someone who is not eating anything is going to be dead long before their body is in that condition. Malnourishment on the other hand, is a long drawn out process where someone can still be living for months, but because of parasites and other diseases – end up alive, but looking like that.
    Most commonly, parasites in the water they drink cause severe diarrhea, so no matter what they’re eating, its not giving them nutrition. Grass is a fiber. Fiber makes you poop. If you already have diarrhea and you eat grass, its just going to make it worse. Don’t believe me? Ever seen a cat with an upset tummy? They eat grass.
    In famine areas, the food the people end up with the most access to is fiber. It can sustain you, but not for long. And unless you manage to avoid all of the intestinal parasites in the ground and the drinking water, bare-bones sustenance may allow you to linger, but not thrive.

  24. How strange. I clicked on the link, and again, it does not work (“page cannot be displayed”).

  25. @JLM: Not necessarily. There are many parasites (especially those in their cyst form) that are very heat stable and can survive high temperatures, including boiling.
    Posted by: Rae at May 10, 2008 11:53 AM
    Rae, Can you send me a link to info on these parasites that survive in boiling water. You say there are many but when I google it all I am finding os that boiling water kills them. thx

  26. It is amazing how tough some “critters” are. As far as parasites and those which cause disease, I think that boiling gets them. Milk is pasturized at 160, and by the time water gets to boiling, I think it’s safe to drink, though cooling it a bit would be advisable.
    I’ve read that some bacteria can survive temps far higher than boiling, though, like 330 Fahrenheit.

  27. there are actually quite a few micro-organisms that survive extreme heat. simply boiling, especially for such a short time as 2 minutes is not enough. In hospitals they autoclave re-usable equipment. uses a combination of high heat and moisture to destroy microbes. but there are many funguses that actually thrive in high heat environments.
    if anybody is legitimately interested, i could pull out one of my microbiology texts and look it up. but it has been awhile…

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