MSM has a persistent problem calling abortion survivors babies, as evidenced in the title and verbiage of the Miami Herald article below on this week’s funeral for Hialeah, FL, abortion survivor Shanice Osbourne. See my previous posts on those plans here and here.
fetal remains.jpg
The MH reporter, Elinor Brecher, also tried to portray Shanice’s live birth as iffy. It was not, and this is not the ongoing question here. The question is whether to prosecute Shanice’s death as murder….

That is why there is a “homicide prosecutor” investigating the case, not a feticide prosecutor.
Brecher questioned “whether Shanice was born alive” only to note the medical examiner’s report that Shanice died of “natural” causes for “extreme prematurity.” If the examiner were speaking of a prenatal death, Shanice’s mother would not have been aborting her in an abortion mill. She would have been miscarrying her in a hospital. Come on.
And why did Brecher not quote this from the medical examiner’s report: “the paranchyma [lungs] has gas bubbles… The lungs float in water,” meaning Shanice breathed, took air into her lungs?
This reporter was either incredibly dense or incredibly manipulative of the facts.
And the Miami Herald needs a dictionary on the premises. As I’ve repeated said, there are any number of appropriate words to call a born human – baby, child, neonate, or infant. The one much of MSM currently insists upon, fetus, is grammatically incorrect. But it is politically correct, that’s for sure.
UPDATE on funeral: The location of Shanice’s memorial service has been changed to the Worldwide Christian Center Church, 450 N. Powerline Rd., Pompano Beach, FL. The date remains October 14, but the time has also changed to 10a.