According to MSM, born babies are fetuses

MSM has a persistent problem calling abortion survivors babies, as evidenced in the title and verbiage of the Miami Herald article below on this week’s funeral for Hialeah, FL, abortion survivor Shanice Osbourne. See my previous posts on those plans here and here.
fetal remains.jpg
The MH reporter, Elinor Brecher, also tried to portray Shanice’s live birth as iffy. It was not, and this is not the ongoing question here. The question is whether to prosecute Shanice’s death as murder….

That is why there is a “homicide prosecutor” investigating the case, not a feticide prosecutor.
Brecher questioned “whether Shanice was born alive” only to note the medical examiner’s report that Shanice died of “natural” causes for “extreme prematurity.” If the examiner were speaking of a prenatal death, Shanice’s mother would not have been aborting her in an abortion mill. She would have been miscarrying her in a hospital. Come on.
And why did Brecher not quote this from the medical examiner’s report: “the paranchyma [lungs] has gas bubbles… The lungs float in water,” meaning Shanice breathed, took air into her lungs?
This reporter was either incredibly dense or incredibly manipulative of the facts.
And the Miami Herald needs a dictionary on the premises. As I’ve repeated said, there are any number of appropriate words to call a born human – baby, child, neonate, or infant. The one much of MSM currently insists upon, fetus, is grammatically incorrect. But it is politically correct, that’s for sure.
UPDATE on funeral: The location of Shanice’s memorial service has been changed to the Worldwide Christian Center Church, 450 N. Powerline Rd., Pompano Beach, FL. The date remains October 14, but the time has also changed to 10a.

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  1. I wonder Why they changed the location of the funeral? I thought it was at Queen of Heaven Cemetery?

  2. Read the entire Miami Herald article, and you will find that the part “snipped” contains information on the anti-gay, anti-Muslim extremists organizing this publicity stunt.

  3. Hey Doyle, what a fun game to play.
    From Merriam Webster:
    ‘an unborn or unhatched vertebrate especially after attaining the basic structural plan of its kind ; specifically : a developing human from usually two months after conception to birth.’
    Now in case you don’t have access to a calculator, two months

  4. Shanice was born alive and she actually BREATHED. She was a BABY.
    Fetus is the term the media uses to dehumanize the unborn. And yes, I know the definition.
    When the baby kicks or some other movement, the woman doesn’t say “The Fetus kicked” or “the fetus hiccuped” she says the BABY hiccuped.
    When Laci and Baby Connor’s bodies were found, I can’t even remember if they called Connor a fetus or actually called him ‘Connor’. :(

  5. JT,
    When your momma was pregnant with you, what species of embryo/fetus was resident in her uterus?
    You could be the first pro-choice person to answer this question. Wanna take a stab at it?
    yor bro ken

  6. PPC,
    How about you. No religion involved here. When you cat was pregnant with a litter of embyo/fetuses, what species were they?
    Cats are not pregnant with canine, bovine, or swinge embryo/fetuses.
    Women are pregnant with only one species of embryo/fetus.
    You’ve got that look on your face like the Fonze when he was trying to say, ‘ I’m sssssssssssssssssss………..’
    yor bro ken

  7. Wow. I try to comment on the incorrect use of the word “verbiage”, and I get attacked. I am pro-life, and have no problem with how you are disparaging how the MSM is abusing the word “fetus”.
    The only word I mentioned is “verbiage”, which means “a profusion of words usually of little or obscure content”. “Verbiage” does not simply mean “wording”.
    In the future, try reading a comment before shooting off a response.

  8. If Shanice had not been BORN ALIVE, then why was she placed in a bag of bleach? What were they afraid of? That they’d actually be charged with murder? That’s what they SHOULD be charged with.
    RIP Shanice, and may you be in the arms of Jesus, far away from the abortionists.

  9. JT, do you deny that the Miami Herald article was a “profusion of words of little or obscure content”? Did it say anything of substance? Wasn’t it a needless accumulation of words? It supplied many details while ignoring an essential point: the person who died was not a fetus but an infant.
    Do you really require an apology? Or should the “anti-abortionist activists” receive an apology? (Or should the “anti-abortionist activists” apologize because they were simultaneously anti-abortion and anti-infanticide, thus confusing a biologically uneducated MSM?)
    Maybe there is a better word than verbiage. But to make a big deal of it is–in the language of the MSM–to strain out a “fetus” and swallow a “child.” The distinction is crucial to “pro-choice” logic, but the MSM ignores it when it doesn’t suit their “pro-choice” agenda.

  10. Or perhaps I should say that the distinction is crucial to “parasitical fetus” logic. But many American “pro-choicers” try to justify their fetal death sentences by using “parasitical fetus” ideology.

  11. further correction: I shouldn’t say that the “MSM ignores [the distinction] when it doesn’t suit their ‘pro-choice’ agenda.” I should say that they lie about it when the facts don’t suit their “pro-choice” agenda.

  12. Or perhaps I should say that the distinction is crucial to “parasitical fetus” logic. But many American “pro-choicers” try to justify their fetal death sentences by using “parasitical fetus” ideology.
    Jon, some meanings of “parasite” do apply to the fetus, but often it’s button-pushing on the part of those who bring it up. The abortion debate is fine without it.

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